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Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris "membeli tiket di terminal bus"

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris "membeli tiket di terminal bus"?

Berikut ini contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris 5 (lima) orang di terminal bus.

BS = Bus Station Security Staff

Budi : Excuse me, Sir.

BS : Yes. May I help you?

Budi : Yes, Sir. I want to go to Sukabumi, yet I’m not sure which bus I should take.

BS : Well, if you want to go to Sukabumi from this station, you then need to take Bumi Putera bus. It goes in route of Jakarta – Sukabumi.

Budi : Where can we buy the tickets, Sir?

BS : You can go there [pointing out at some place], that’s the place to buy tickets. Then you choose the right ticket counter and get into the line according to the bus you are going to take.

Budi : Alright. Thank you for the help, Sir.

BS : Yes. Be careful on your trip.

Budi : Thank you, Sir.

[At the ticket counter]

TCC= Ticket Counter Clerk

Budi : Excuse me. Is this the right bus ticket to Sukabumi?

TCC : Yes. How many tickets do you want?

Budi : Two, please.

TCC : Is it business or executive class?

Budi : Business class, please.

TCC : The price is Rp. 100,000 for two tickets. You can take the bus tomorrow. Please, come earlier before the bus leave. Thank you.

Budi : Thank you.

[The next day at the station]

Eko : Oh no, I think we are going to run out of snacks. I’m going to buy some, you want to come with me?

Budi : Um… No, I’ll wait here to keep our belongings.

Eko : Alright.

Stranger: [suddenly an unknown man sits besides Budi] Hello, where are you going, Kid?

Budi : Um… we are going to Sukabumi, Sir.

Stranger: We? You’re here with someone?

Budi : Yes. I’m going with my friend.

Stranger: Where is your friend?

Budi : He’s buying some snacks.

Stranger: It’s so hot today, huh?

Budi : Yeah, it’s really hot today.

Stranger: You are going to Sukabumi for what? Vacation?

Budi : Oh, no, we’re going to home.

Stranger: Oh, I see. So, what have you been doing in Jakarta all along, by the way?

Budi : I and my friend were working in Jakarta. Now we are not working here anymore and we decided to come back to Sukabumi.

Stranger: I see. Ugh, this weather really makes me thirsty. Hey, I bought some drinks. Here’s for you. You must have been thirsty

waiting for your friends.

Budi : Thank you for the drink, Sir. [Budi was about to drink, suddenly…]

Eko : Budi! The bus has arrived. Let’s get on it. I’ve bought the snacks as well.

Budi : Ha? Alright, I’m coming! Good bye, Sir. [leaving the stranger]

Eko : You bought that drink?

Budi : No, a man gave it to me.

Eko : Huh! Throw it off! Did you drink it? That drink could be dangerous!

Budi : Oh, my God! [Throwing the drink off] I didn’t realize it. I was too thirsty. Thank you, Buddy. You’re saving my life.

Eko : It’s a public place. There are a lot of hidden crimes in here. We need to stay aware.

Budi : Right! Thanks again, I don’t know what would have happened to me if you didn’t come at the right time.


  • Bus Station Security Staff: Staf Keamanan Terminal Bus
  • In route of Jakarta – Sukabumi: dalam rute Jakarta – Sukabumi
  • Pointing out at: menunjukkan tangan ke arah
  • Get into the line: mengantri
  • Trip: perjalanan
  • Run out of : kehabisan
  • Belongings: barang bawaan
  • Vacation: liburan
  • All along: selama ini
  • Weather: cuaca
  • Bought (VII buy): membeli
  • You must have been thirsty: kau pasti sudah haus
  • As well: juga
  • Throw it off!: buang itu!
  • Realize: sadar
  • Hidden crimes: kejahatan tersembunyi
  • Stay aware: tetap waspada