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Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris "kereta api terlambat di stasiun"

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Tanya pertanyaan apapun


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Berikut ini dialog 5 (lima) orang menggunakan bahasa Inggris di stasiun kereta api:

Tio : Okay, I will buy the tickets for us.

Mita : Alright, I and Rendi will wait here.

[Tio goes TC the ticket counter]

Tio : Excuse me. I’d like TC buy three Mahadaya Express tickets for Semarang destination. Is this the right counter?

TC : Yes, it is. You want TC take business or executive class?

Tio : It’s business class, please.

TC : It’s for three tickets?

Tio : Yes, please.

TC : It’s all Rp. 45,000 for three tickets.

Tio : Here you are. And where is the platform for this train?

TC : It’s Platform 6

Tio : What time is the train’s arrival?

TC : One has just left 5 minutes ago, you can take another one in 30 minutes.

Tio : Alright. Thank you.

Rendi : You have the tickets, Tio?

Tio : Yes, here are the tickets for each of you.

Mita : What time will our train come?

Tio : That ticket counter clerk said that one has just left 5 minutes ago. We have to wait for the next train in 60 minutes.

Rendi : Great, okay, I’m a little hungry though, do you mind if we get something to eat before we leave?

Mita : Good idea. I’m a bit famished too.

Tio : Alright, let’s have something to eat before we get on the train.

[About 30 minutes later]

Tio : Do you have your tickets on you, Guys?

Mita : Of course, it’s in my Jacket’s pocket

Rendi : Oh, my! I can’t find it in my pocket.

Tio : Did you put it in your pocket? Try to find it in your duffle bag.

Rendi : [examining his duffle bag] Found it! It turns out TC be in my duffle bag!

Mita : You’re so careless, Rendi. Just imagine what would happen if you lost your ticket.

Rendi : I’m sorry for making you panic, Guys. I just forgot where I put it.

Tio : Okay, let’s go check out our train’s arrival. We can’t lose our train.

[Talking to EC = Enquiry Clerk]

Tio : Excuse me, Sir. What time is the arrival of Mahadaya Express for Semarang destination?

EC : I’m afraid it’s coming late by over an hour. We have just announced about the delay.

Tio : Do you mean that we have to wait for an extra one hour?

EC : I’m afraid you do. I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

Tio : Okay….

Mita : What’s wrong, Tio?

Tio : The enquiry clerk said that our train’s arrival is delayed. We might have to wait for one hour.

Rendi : Oh great, now we are really going to come late to Semarang.

Mita : [Sighs] Okay, it’s better to tell our parents about our late so they won’t get worried.

Tio : Alright. Let’s tell them by phone call.

Glossaries Percakapan Inggris di Stasiun

  • Destination: tujuan
  • Ticket clerk: petugas penjual tiket
  • Arrival: kedatangan
  • Famished: lapar
  • Get on the train: naik keretanya
  • Duffle bag: tas jinjing
  • Careless: ceroboh
  • Imagine: membayangkan
  • Check out: memeriksa
  • Announce: memberitahu, mengabarkan
  • Inconvenience: ketidaknyamanan
  • What’s wrong?: Ada apa?/ apa yang terjadi?
  • Enquiry Clerk: petugas informasi
  • Delayed: ditunda, terlambat