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Contoh penggunaan berbagai macam conjunction dan artinya dalam kalimat (part 1)  


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Conjunction atau kata sambung adalah kata yang menghubungkan kata atau kelompok kata dalam kalimat. Berikut ini contoh penggunaan berbagai conjunction dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris.

  • after (setelah): We arrived after the match had started.
  • before (sebelum): He was a journalist before he became a minister.
  • if (jika): If I have much money, I will go to America.
  • although (meskipun): although he is sick, he goes to work.
  • though (Tetapi, meskipun): They are coming next week, though I don't know when. And though he is quite small, he is very strong.
  • even though (meskipun): He still smokes, even though he's got asthma.
  • till/until (hingga0: We will wait here until the rains stops.
  • as soon as (segera setelah): I will call you later as soon as I arrive in Bali.
  • when (ketika, saat): We'll go when you are ready. The criminal had left away when the police came.
  • whenever (kapan saja): You can go whenever you want.
  • where (di mana): This is the village where I was born.
  • wherever )ke mana saja): Wherever you go, you must take your Identification Card with you.
  • whereas (padahal): Grace will get married whereas she is still young.
  • while (sementara): Please watch my bag while I buy a bus ticket.
  • since (sejak, karena): I have lived in this city since 2005. They will stay inside since the weater is bad outside.
  • because (karena): I can't come out tonight because I've got flu.
  • as (karena, ketika): I left the party at 10.00 p.m. as I had to get up early the next day.
  • due to the fact that (karena): Due to the fact that all trains were delayed, the station was crowded with thousands of passangers.
  • owing to the fact that (karena): Owing to the fact that less than half of the members of the club are present to the meeting, the chairman decides to cancel the meeting.
  • once (sekali, segera setelah): Once I make up my mind, I never change it. Once I find somewhere to live, I will send you my new address.
  • that (bahwa, yang): It is true that she is pregnant.
  • now that (mumpung, sebab): Now that I have a car I can visit many places of interests.
  • provided that/providing that (asalkan, hanya jika): You may join us provided that you behave yourself.
  • otherwise (jika tidak): The food is delicious, but otherwise the place is not comfortable. Go now, otherwise you miss the plane.
  • in case (kalau kalau): You should bring an umbrella with you in case it rains.
  • only if (hanya jika): I will attend the meeting only if I get an invitation card.
  • even if (bahkan jika): We will leave for Jakarta even if it rains.
  • suppose that (andaikan): Suppose that today is a doomsday, what will we do?
  • even if (sungguhpun, sekalipun): Even if I had known about the meeting I mightn't have come.
  • unless (kecuali jika): You can not apply for this job unless you have a diploma.
  • inasmuch as (karena itu): They were strict about our appearance inasmuch as we weren't allowed to wear hewellery.
  • as long as (sepanjang): You can play football as long as you do your homework first.

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