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Contoh dialog bahasa Inggris "membaca dan meminjam buku di perpustakaan"

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Bagaimana contoh dialog bahasa Inggris "membaca dan meminjam buku di perpustakaan"?

Berikut ini adalah contoh percakapan antara 3 (tiga) orang yaitu Ronald, Lia, dan Librarian dalam bahasa Inggris di perpustakaan.

Ronald : Where can I find books of sociology?

Librarian: It’s on the social science section back there.

Ronald : Thank you.

Lia : Huh? … Ronald? Is that you? What are you doing here in school library?

Ronald : Um?… Oh, hey there, Lia! What? You’re asking a strange question. Of course, I’m looking for some books to read.

Lia : Ha ha ha. No, it’s just rather unusual to see you in the library.

Ronald : Don’t tease me like that, Lia. I know it’s what an odd to see a person who never pays any attention to class like me being around looking for some books at school library like this [Showing sad expression].

Lia : Awh… um… I’m so sorry, Ronald. I don’t really mean my words to offend you. I was just surprised to see you here.

Ronald : Hahahahaha [Laugh out loud] don’t be so sorry, Lia. It was just acting.

Lia : Oh you, Ronald!

Librarian: Shussssssssh! [Shushing]

Lia : Whoa, we’re talking too loud, Ronald. It’s a library anyway [talks under breath].

Ronald : Okay, let’s lower our voices.

Lia : So, what brings you here?

Ronald : Don’t you remember back at the class? I got bad score for Sociology. Then Mr. Sutoyo asked me to do a Sociology-themed paper assignment if I want him to upgrade my score. He said that everything I need for this paper assignment is available in school’s library. So then I came here.

Lia : Oh I see. I think it’s good for you, so anything on your mind is not just playing without studying.

Ronald : Errrh…. You’re just talking like Mr. Sutoyo.

Lia : That’s right, Ronald. What if he doesn’t pass you to the next grade if you always fail at his subject because you have no intention to fix your scores?

Ronald : But…. Err…. Alright, you’re probably right. So, what kind of lesson book you are looking for or trying to read, Lia?

Lia : Um… I’m not interesting to read lesson books now. I’m looking for some novels.

Ronald : Novels? They have novels here at library?

Lia : Yeah, Ron. It’s not only lesson books you can find here. There are also some encyclopedias, magazines, bulletins, and newspapers.

Ronald : Okay, I never know that.

Lia : Have you found the books you’re looking for, by the way?

Ronald : Yep, I think these all would be enough.

Lia : Okay, let’s go to the librarian.

Librarian: Your student ID card, please. Alright, these books have to be returned in 14 days.

Lia : Thank you, Sir.

Ronald : Thank you.

Lia : Okay, Ronald, see ya! Good luck with your assignment!

Ronald : Thanks, Lia. Bye!


  • Library: perpustakaan
  • Librarian: pustakawan, penjaga perpustakaan
  • Social science: ilmu pengetahuan sosial
  • Section: bagian
  • Rather: agak
  • Looking for: mencari
  • Unusual: tidak biasa
  • Tease: mengejek, mengolok
  • What an odd: sunnguh sebuah keanehan
  • Pay attention to: memperhatikan
  • Offend: menyinggung (perasaan)
  • Surprised: terkejut
  • Laugh out loud: tertawa keras
  • Shushing: husss! (menyuruh diam)
  • Talk under breath: berbisik-bisik dengan suara pelan
  • Sociology-themed: yang bertemakan sosiologi
  • Paper assignment: tugas karya tulis
  • Upgrade: menaikkan
  • Subject: mata pelajaran
  • Intention: niat
  • Fix: memperbaiki
  • Score: nilai
  • Not interesting: tidak tertarik
  • Encyclopedia: ensiklopedia
  • Magazine: majalah
  • Bulletin: bulletin
  • Student ID card: kartu identitas siswa
  • To be returned: dikembalikan