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Contoh kalimat pengandaian menggunakan kata 'wish'

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Pengandaian menggunakan kata wish dapat berarti berangan-angan, bermimpi, dan berharap tentang masa kini dan masa depan. Pengandaian yang menggambarkan situasi masa kini jelas kondisinya pasti berlawanan dengan yang diharapkan. Wish juga dapat digunakan untuk mengekspresikan pengandaian masa lalu, atau lampau.


Situasi saat ini -> Ungkapan pengandaian

  • I dont know how to dance. -> I wish (that) I knew how to dance.
  • I don't have a bicycle. -> I wish I had a bicycle.
  • Rony has to work toningt. -> Rony wished he didn't have to work tonight.
  • I can't speak Chinese. -> I wish I could speak Chinese.
  • I'm not at home in bed. -> I wish I were home in bed.
  • It's cold today. -> I wish it weren't cold today.
  • We aren't in Yogya. -> We wish we were in Yogya.

Situasi masa lampau -> Ungkapan pengandaian

  • I didn't study for the test. -> I wish (that) I had studied for the test.
  • John didn't finish his job. -> John wishes he had finished his job.
  • I went to the meeting. -> I wish I hadn't gone to the meeting.

Latihan soal conditional sentences

Sally wouldn’t have had such a terrible headache if she ____ well last night.
"Had the company been fair in giving bonuses, the employees would not have gone on strike."
"If I had known that you were in Surabaya, I would have shown you some interesting places."
If there ____ no sunlight, plants don't produce fruit.
X: What’s wrong with Jimmy? He looks really tired.
Y: Yeah, he said he couldn’t focus on the lesson. He wished he ____ last night.
Where will Rina go isf she ____ stamps?
The plants will grow well ____.
If we don't hurry, the meeting ____ by the time we get there.
If that man ____ harder, he could earn more money.
If I work harder, I ____ my paper in due time.