32 contoh kalimat b...

32 contoh kalimat bahasa Inggris menggunakan 'could' beserta rumusnya

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Bagaimana contoh kalimat bahasa Inggris menggunakan 'could' beserta rumusnya?

Rumus Penggunaan Could dalam Bahasa Inggris

Pola kalimat bahasa Inggris menggunakan modal could:

  • S + could + verb 1

Pola kalimat modal perfective untuk menyatakan sesuatu yang bisa saja terjadi pada masa lampau:

  • S + could + have + verb 3

Penggunaan Could dalam Bahasa Inggris

Could berarti ‘dapat’. Modal could selain untuk menyatakan kemampuan, bisa juga digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kemungkinan dan pengandaian (conditional). Penggunaan could dalam bahasa Inggris dan contoh kalimatnya antara lain:

1. Past Ability

Penggunaan could untuk menyatakan kemampuan masa lampau.


  1. I could smell gas around here.
  2. She could write very well.
  3. 10 years ago, I could speak Arabic well.
  4. My grandmother could speak three language.
  5. I was in back of room and I could hear anything.
  6. We had lovely room in hotel. We could see the lake.
  7. Jessica said she could watch TV every day.
  8. You could come at 7 o’clock. 

2. Polite Request

Penggunaan could sebagai permintaan sopan.


  1. Could I borrow your book?
  2. Could you help me?
  3. Could you pass the sugar?

3. Suggestion (Saran)

Pemakaian modal could untuk mengungkapkan saran.


  1. You need help in math. You could talk to your teacher.
  2. You could have talked to your teacher.
  3. We could go on a picnic.
  4. You could see a doctor.
  5. You could ask Kim to help you with you English lessons.
  6. I could try to help you.
  7. We could take the airport bus.

4. Possibility

Penggunaan could untuk menyatakan suatu kemungkinan.


  1. It could rain tomorrow.
  2. It’s strange story, but it could be true.
  3. That could have been true.
  4. It could be Patrick.
  5. It could belong to me.

5. Less Than 50% Certainty

Penggunaan could untuk mengekspresikan kepastian kurang dari 50%.


  1. Where’s Dominic? He could be at home.
  2. He could have been at home.
  3. Sonia could have got my message.
  4. They could have lived here if they wanted to.
  5. She could be sick.
  6. Jared could do well on the test.

6. Conditional Sentences

Penggunaan could sebagai kalimat pengandaian.

  1. If I could sing as well as you, I would join the choir.
  2. I could go to West Papua over vacation if I had enough time.
  3. If I’d had enough money, I could have gone to Sumba Island for vacation.
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