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30 contoh kalimat bahasa Inggris menggunakan 'either or'

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Bagaimana contoh kalimat bahasa Inggris menggunakan 'either or'?

Kata either … or disebut juga sebagai pair conjunction karena penggunaanya dalam kalimat selalu dalam bentuk berpasangan. Kata ini digunakan untuk menunjukkan sebuah pilihan. Meskipun kata either ketika berdiri sendiri dapat difungsikan sebagai adverb dalam kalimat negatif, kata either … or sebagai conjunction digunakan dalam kalimat positif.

Contoh Kalimat Bahasa Inggris dengan Either Or

  1. Actually, she can buy either a gorgeous diamond ring or a golden luxurious necklace if she wants.
    Sebenarnya, dia bisa membeli cincin berlian cantik atau kalung mewah emas jika dia mau.
  2. Bob can either take a taxi or a bus to get his new apartment.
    Bob bisa naik taksi atau bus untuk ke apartemen barunya.
  3. The lecturer allows his students to take the assignment either online or offline.
    Dosen memungkinkan mahasiswanya untuk mengambil tugas baik secara online maupun offline.
  4. She lets her daughter ask her birthday gift either a family tour ticket or a car.
    Dia membiarkan putrinya meminta hadiah ulang tahunnya berupa tiket tur keluarga atau mobil.
  5. I have never imagined that I can win either the grand prize or the scholarship opportunity.
    Saya tidak pernah membayangkan bahwa saya dapat memenangkan baik hadiah utama atau kesempatan beasiswa.
  6. The stranger suggests me either coming to the police station or making an online report.
  7. The disaster would not cause great damages if the people around are either warned or prepared for this.
  8. Uncle George plan to have holiday either in Africa or Australia.
  9. You may give your mom a birthday gift either a love letter or a delightful dinner.
  10. All husbands should take part in family responsibilities either in nurturing children or in sharing some chores.
  11. You may donate either foods or money to help the refugees.
  12. My aunt is very good at cooking either Indonesian cuisines or Western ones.
  13. The project needs to launch immediately either this week or next week.
  14. The foundation is looking for either funding or volunteers to run this charity program.
  15. My drama teacher can perform quite well either in the class or on the stage.
  16. Either organic fertilizer or nonorganic one benefits the trees a lot to grow faster.
  17. Either parents or a teacher is responsible to educate teenagers.
  18. Either my mother or my grandma cooked a very delicious meals for our breakfast today.
  19. Either a doctor or a nurse knows well on how to care old patients.
  20. Either you stay or you leave will be no difference.
  21. Either opinions or suggestions are not really important now. All we need is taking some actions.
  22. Either my boss or my colleagues are allowed to contact me while I am away.
  23. Either Joanne or Cecilia will be the speaker in this conference.
  24. Either a train or a plane can take you to the city where I live faster than any other transportations.
  25. Either Komodo Dragon or Javan Rhinos are rare animals in the world.
  26. Either clean water or clothes are badly needed by the refugees.
  27. Either Math or Physic is difficult for me.
  28. Either a classroom or a garden can be a nice place to learn.
  29. Either city cars or multipurpose vans are easy to drive for a beginner.
  30. Either library or bookshops provide you abundant knowledge of the world.