Latihan soal articles 1

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Put "a", "an", or "the" appropriately.

1. There was man and woman in the room. man was Javanese but woman looked foreign. She was wearing kimono.

2. When you turn into Braga Road, you will see three buildings: tall one, very large one, and small one between tall and large ones. My office is tall building.

3. This morning I bought newspaper and . newspaper is in my bag but I don't know where magazine is.

4. I saw accident this morning. car crashed into wall. drive of car was not hurt but car was totally damaged.

5. My family have goat and horse. goat has three babies but horse has never had any baby.

6. There's no need to buy any milk. milkman brings it every morning.

7. "Have you got car?" "I have never had car in my life."

8. I went to the office and asked to speak to manager.

9. Would you like apple?

10. Could you close door, please?


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