Contoh latihan soal TOEIC idioms and colloquialisms (Part 1)

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Lengkapi bagian kosong pada dialog soal dengan ungkapan-ungkapan di bawah ini.

  • I couldn't agree more
  • I couldn't care less
  • I really don't mind. It's up to you
  • No way! Not a chance!
  • You've got to be kiding!
  • Why not? Go for it!
  • It does nothing for me
  • Let me sleep on it
  • Never mind. It can't be helped
  • Wow! Way to go!
  • You should really get a life
  • You're welcome, but it was nothing really


A: Shall we eat out or do you want me to cook something?
A. OK. In that case, let's eat out.


A: The economics seminar has been canceled yet again.
A: I'm afraid not. Professor Adi sure seems to be absent a lot these days.


A: Our history lessons are really boring, aren't they.
A: Right. Perhaps we shouldn't have chosen it as an option.


A: We're going to Mo's cafe tonight. Want to come?
A: Come on, don't be like that! It'll be fun!


A: I need a decision as soon as possible.
A: Well, to be honest, I'd rather you told me now.


A: Are you interested in science?
A: Me neither. I find it really boring.


A: I spent most of the weekend lying in bed and watching TV.
A: I know! You're not the first person to say that.


A: If you don't work harder, you'll fail your exams.
A: Well, you should. Your whole future might depend on them.


A: I've passed all my exams, grade As all round!
A: Thanks. I never thought I'd be able to do it.


A: Do you think I should apply to the University of West Virginia?
A: All right, I will. Thanks.


A: Thank you so much for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you.
A: No, really, I really appreciate it.


A: I'm really sorry that I lost your dictionary.
A: Nevertheless, I promise to replace it.

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