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Soal-soal subjunctive 'wish' dan 'if only'

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Tanya pertanyaan apapun


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1.“Dinda, Donny are you going to see the doctor today?”
“we wish we did not have to”

a. They don’t have to go

b. They need to go

c. They are not going today

d. They are willing to go

2. Rina: “my parents wish they had a certificate of deposit”

Dea: “why?”

Rina: “the Intertest rate’s very high recently”

From the dialogue we can conclude that Rina’s parents…

a. Do not have money kept in bank

b. Have no Interest to open an account in a bank

c. Enjoy the very high interest paid by the bank

d. Are going to deposit their money in the bank

3. We know that they are having several problems. But they keep it to their sel. We wish they …. to us about it now.

a. Had not talked

b. Talked

c. Did not talked

d. Talk

4. I wish somebody answered my call. The phone is been ringing for about Three minutes

The underlined sentence means…

a. Nobody answers the phone

b. The phone would be answered

c. Somebody had answered the call

d. The phone has starter ringing

5. We wish … now to support her daughter

a. She is here

b. She has been here

c. She were here

d. She will be here

6. If only …. in the house, her husband would not angry

a. She had been

b. She is

c. She has been

d. She was

7. If only it were not hot. The fact is…

a. It is cold

b. It is hot

c. It is raining

d. It is snowing

8. If only i …. in Bali

a. Had lived

b. Is living

c. Lived

d. Left 

9. If only we knew the venue. The fact is…

a. They don’t know the venue

b. They had came

c. They were looking for the venue

d. They stay at home

10. If only i … my homework

a. Check

b. Had checked

c. Has check

d. Not checking

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