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Soal-soal preference (exercise 1)

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Put the words in bracket into the correct form.

Djuharie prefers (live) in the country to (live) in a city.
Djuharie prefers living in the country to living in a city.

  1. I prefer (wear) light coat to (wear) heavy coat.
  2. Prabu’d prefer (drive) rather than (travel) by train.
  3. We like (play) tennis better than (go) for a swim.
  4. Most people would rather (watch) television than (read) a book.
  5. They prefer (leave) now to (wait) a few more minutes.
  6. My family would prefer (eat) at home rather than (go) to a restaurant.
  7. My boss would rather (think) about it for a while than (decide) it now.
  8. I would rather (not do) it now than (make) a lot of mistakes.
  9. I would prefer (phone) my parents rather than (write) them a letter.
  10. I like (not go) for work today better than (miss) a reunion gathering.
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