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Soal-soal adjective clause (exercise 1)

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Combine the following sentences by using who, whom, whose, which, or that.

  1. I know the man. He helped me
  2. She is the girl. She came here yesterday.
  3. The rich man bought a car. It cost ten billion rupiahs.
  4. We saw the girl. We met her at the bus stop.
  5. She has not tasted the cake. You baked it yourself.
  6. No one knew the boy. He was standing in front of the school.
  7. They are studying the lesson. It has been explained by the teacher.
  8. I know the girl. The teacher is talking with her.
  9. Have you read the novel? I just mentioned it.
  10. The film was not good. I saw it last night.
  11. The boy is the most diligent one. His book was borrowed by me.
  12. The book is very interesting. I am reading it now.
  13. The watch is very expensive. He bought it yesterday.
  14. The man is our teacher. We spoke to him.
  15. The oranges were very sour. You bought them last Sunday.
  16. Is the lesson difficult? You are learning it now.
  17. Is the picture for me? You are painting it now.
  18. Is the man your uncle? He is standing by my side.
  19. Is the house far from here? You live there.
  20. Can you give me one good reason? Why did you do that?
  21. I know the boy. He is wearing a white shirt.
  22. The students are listening to the teacher. He is teaching geography.
  23. The doctor is examining the patient. He is seriously ill.
  24. The driver runs the car very fast. He is a very skilled driver.
  25. We are watching television. Its program is very interesting
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