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Latihan soal "matching exercise" (Part 1)

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Match the comments with the supplies that are needed:

  1. I can't catch my breath.
  2. Prepare the examining table for the next patient.
  3. We'll have to get a blood sample.
  4. I need to sterilize the wound.
  5. We'll have to feed him with liquids.
  6. Let's find out your weight
  7. I need to examine the patient in private.
  8. Let's check your vision. 
  9. Let's see if you are running a fever.
  10. Can you cut this gauze for me?

a.  table and head-rest paper 

b. thermometer 

c.  oxygen mask 

d.  hypodermic needle 

e.  bandage scissors

f. scales

g. eye chart

h. antiseptic

i. IV bag

j. privacy screen