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Latihan soal "find the similar word" (part 1)

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Find the similar word(s) from the underlined words below.

1.Before we perform for the show tomorrow, we have to rehearse

once more.

a. practice
b. pray
c. gather
d. perform

2. He is the master of many identifications deception


a. bribe
b. fraud
c. hint
d. inspect

3. Jacklyn was nervous when her marriage was about to occur


a. hilarious
b. imminent
c. adrift
d. start

4. He asked me if I could mend

his car.

a. buy
b. sell
c. clean
d. repair

5. Even though the president gives an impromptu

speech, everybody is giving a big applause.

a. confusing
b. long
c. inrehearsed
d. doubtful

6. Everybody can trust

me for making a big and hilarious party.

a. count of
b. count to
c. count for
d. count on

7. The teacher distributes

a piece of paper to each student

a. hands out
b. hands in
c. hands for
d. hands to

8. Her life was such an agony, as she didn't get anybody to turn to


a. talk with
b. stay with
c. ask for help
d. play with

9. Jack always looks up to

his father.

a. behaves like
b. respects
c. ignoring
d. depends

10. Everybody should have a good plan before establishing

a business.

a. setting up
b. setting on
c. setting off
d. setting down

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