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Contoh latihan soal UAS bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD / MI

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Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of tourism object in West Java. It situated at Lembang. It is at northern part of Bandung. A lot of people from various part of world come to see it, because it has a history, it is a Sangkuriang legend.
To arrive at mount Tangkuban Perahu, we have to drive up along the road of hilly area, we can see a wide tea plantation. At the top, we can see beautiful scenery, and we can see the hills with its green slopes. It has three craters which continuously produced smoke.
There are bungalows, and tourism object can be found easily there. Such as Ciater hot water and Maribaya water fall.

1. What is the suitable of the text above?

A. Ciater hot spring
B. Legend of Sangkuriang
C. Maribaya water fall
D. Tangkuban Perahu

2. Mount Tangkuban Parahu is situated at ........

A. Bandung
B. Lembang
C. Subang
D. Yogyakarta

3. In the Tangkuban Parahu mountain, we can see ........

A. Ciater, hill, top, and valley
B. Ciater hot spring
C. Water fall
D. Flower garden

4. The legend of Tangkuban Parahu is history of ........

A. Lutung Kasarung
B. Sangkuriang
C. Bawang Putih
D. Kancil

5. We can see a wide ........

A. Mountain
B. Ciater
C. Tea plantation
D. Flowers

6. ........ is one of tourism object in West Java.

A. Ciater
B. Ancol
C. Parang Tritis
D. Borobudur temple

7. The antonym of "Nothern" is ........

A. western
B. southern
C. eastern
D. central

8. How many paragraph does the text above ........

A. one paragraph
B. two paragraph
C. three paragraph
D. four paragraph

I would say thank you to my teacher and all of my friends. This opportunity, I'll delivering. My speech ........
R.A. Kartini was born at April, twenty first, it is a special days for Indonesian woman, it was a birthday of Kartini. Indonesian women had been a some position with a m ........

9. What is the title of the speech above? ........

A. Indonesian woman
B. R.A. Kartini
C. A strong woman
D. A struggle woman

Andika : Mom, I'm hungry, I want to have lunch!
Mother : Ok, darling ........ let's go to "Kabayan Restaurant"
Waiter : What do you want to order?
Andika : I want rice and baked fish and soup.
Waiter : What do you want to drink?
Andika : I want orange juice.
Waiter : What do you want to order, madam?
Mother : Rice, baked fish and soup, please!
Waiter : ........ Here are your lunch, madam!
Mother : Thank you!

10. Where are Andika and his mother have lunch? ........

A. In Padang Restaurant
B. In the Cafe
C. In Kabayan Restaurant
D. In the KFC Restaurant

11. What did Andika and his mother order to ........

A. baked fish, rice, and soup
B. rice and fried chicken
C. rice and baked chicken
D. rice and soup

12. Who is serve their lunch in the text above?

A. Andika
B. Mother
C. Waiter
D. Cashier

13. Who are they in the text above?

A. Mother, Andika, and cashier
B. Andika and his mother
C. Mother and waiter
D. Mother, Andika, and waiter

14. What is the drink that was Andika want? ........

A. coffee
B. clear water
C. orange juice
D. strawberry juice

Tika is in the kitchen. She wants to help her mother. Her mother is cooking soup, she wants to asks about soup materials, her mother need carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and meats.

15. What is the main idea of this text?

A. Tika and her mother in the kitchen
B. Tika and her mother cooking soup in the kitchen
C. Tika and her mother make a cake
D. Tika and her mother working together


1. Doctors and nurses working here
2. There are mortuary, emergency room, an ambulance, and nursing room
3. An ambulance used to bring sick people to the hospital
4. This is a hospital

Arrange these sentences correctly ........

A. 4,1,2,3
B. 1,2,3,4
C. 2,4,3,1
D. 4,2,3,1

17. My Nephew likes playing ........ In the play ground

A. swing
B. slide
C. jig saw
D. kite

18. We are studying about gymnastic, swimming, and running in the ........ subject.

A. region
B. Indonesian language
C. sport
D. moral

19. Randi want to move the table. The table is too heavy for him. He asks Yuki to help him. What should Randi Said to Yuki?

A. Would you take the table, please!
B. Would you clean the table, please!
C. Would you move the table, please!
D. Would you clean the class, please!

20. My father puts his wallet ........ the table.

A. beside
B. under
C. at
D. on

21. ........ Conference attending in Bandung, at 1955.

A. Linggarjati
B. Asia Af ika
C. Meja Bundar
D. Colombo


A : Hallo, good morning, Can I speak with Gia?
B : Yes, it is me, How are you Anggi?
C : I'am Fine, By the way ... I want to ask you to go to see the Football match, will you?
D : ........

A. I'm sorry, Anggi
B. Ok, I will join with you

C. Good bye Anggi
D. Good luck, Anggi

23. Teacher : Good bye student! See you next week!
Student : Good ........ you!

A. bye; next
B. luck, bye
C. bye, see
D. night, see

24. Rico is clever, He gets "A" In Mathematics subject, but Randi is ........, He always get "D".

A. Bad
B. Stupid
C. Good
D. Diligent

25. The Students ........ to school everyday.

A. Went
B. Go
C. Going
D. Gone

26. Hotel is used to ........

A. Student to stay in
B. Send a Letter
C. Watching a Film
D. Tourist to Stay

27. Anto saved his money in the ........

A. Bank
B. Post Office
C. Market
D. Movie

28. Intan and Ali ........ student of elementary school.

A. am
B. are
C. is
D. do

29. The husband of mother is ........

A. grandfather
B. grandmother
C. father
D. uncle

30. Indonesia hanya mempunyai dua musim.
Translate into English!

A. Indonesia has only two season
B. Indonesia has two season
C. Indonesia has many two season
D. Indonesia has many kind of season

We can find these are in the ........

A. Restaurant
B. Hospital
C. Post OFfice
D. Cinema

........ On this way!

A. Don't park here
B. Dont't turn left
C. Don't turn right
D. Don't straight a head

What is the part of tree on this picture? ........

A. trunk
B. branch
C. leaf
D. root

34. Zahra : ........ Do you live echa?
Echa : I live at jalan Sudirman nomor 99.

A. When
B. Where
C. Who
D. What

Diana is wearing ......... When she goes to school.

A. T-Shirt
B. Skirt
C. Shirt
D. Trousers

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