Latihan soal tenses 32

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Write the verbs in the dialogues in the correct tenses.


Lucy: Morning, Jo. (you / catch) this bus too?

Answer: Are you catching

Jo: No, not today. I always (drive) to work on a Monday because I have a regular meeting in London.

Answer: drive

1. Brian: Wow! What a delicious smell. What (you / cook)?

Adam: It's a chilli con carne. I often (make) one at the weekend.

2. Jeff: Could you tell me the time, please?
Anna: No, sorry. My watch (not / work) at the moment.

I (think) it needs a new battery.

3. Erin: Patrick (work) in Brussels for a few weeks.

Max: Oh, really? What project (he / work) on at the moment?

4. Jenny: Jim (not / agree) with our sales plan.

Dawn: I know. I think he (prepare) a new one.


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