Latihan soal subject-verb agreement 5

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1. Politics ____ something I don’t care much. It’s always full of same old.
2. The theme of the stories ____ been clearly stated by the author of the book.
3. Each student in this class ____ be able to memorize ten new vocabularies every week.
4. Some of the desks in my classroom ____ broken. I’ve told Mr. Jonah about this and he said the school would have them replaced soon.
5. Almost every teacher and student in my school ____ of the new policy that school should start at 9 a.m.
6. Alex, along with his whole family, ____ to go France next year. They want to see the iconic Eiffel Tower from up close.
7. X: What percentage of the earth’s surface ____ by water?
Y: It’s about 70 percent of it.
8. There ____ a terrible earthquake in Japan last year. It devastated thousands of houses.
9. X: Do you know that Chinese ____ more than fifty thousand written characters?
Y: Really? That’s a lot of characters to memorize. I’m glad I’m not a Chinese.
10. Everyone in Jordin’s family ____ to sing. They all have a beautiful voice.


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