Latihan soal simple past tense 1

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Pilihlah jawaban yang benar.

1. My parents ..... not at home this afternoon.
2. ..... you play football yesterday?
3. I ..... these motorcycles in Surabaya last month.
4. When thet were small, Ari and Zaki used to ..... together by making up stories.
5. I ..... my bike when it was dirty, but now I am lazy to wash it.
6. I always bring my dictionary everyday tomy school, but I ..... to bring it yesterday.
7. Ari was a very good student. He ..... every task very well in school and was liked by everyone, including his teachers.
8. Thomas Alfa Edison ..... electricity which is very important for us nowadays.
9. The old man asked her to move because he ..... in that chair.
10. Mr. and Mrs. Slater ..... their house several days ago.