Pembahasan Soal Sentence Completion (10)

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"You look troubled. What's the matter?"

"The academic counselor...........told me unless I get at least B for applied science, I won't be able to graduate this year."

Pilihan jawaban:

A. That I spoke

B. Which I spoke to

C. I spoke to

D. To who I spoke

E. Whom I spoke

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C. I spoke to

Kalimat pada soal memerlukan klausa kata sifat (adjective clause) penjelas frasa orang (the academic counselor) dengan relative pronoun pengganti obyek. Maka kalimat soal akan berbunyi "The academic counselor whom I spoke to told me that...."

Frasa bergaris bawah dapat mengalami penghilangan relative pronoun (whom) sehingga cukup diungkapkan dengan "I spoke to."