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Tanya pertanyaan apapun


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Complete the following interrogative sentences using who, what, how many.
(Lengkapilah kalimat pertanyaan berikut dengan kata who, what, how many.)

1.“____ is standing by the door?” “Prabu is.”
2.“____ pencils do you have?” “Seven.”
3.“____ are you reading?” “A novel.”
4.“____ is in your pocket?” “Some money.”
5.“____ telephoned you this morning?” “Nunik did.”
6.“____ are you?” “Setiawan.”
7.“____ is your father?” “An editor.”
8.“____ students are there in the school yard?” “More than seventy.”
9.“____ pairs of trousers did you buy?” “Three.”
10.“____ is in your car?” “A bag.”
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Kunci jawaban:

Berikut adalah kalimat pertanyaan yang lengkap:

  1. "____ is standing by the door?" "Prabu is."

    • Jawaban: Who
  2. "____ pencils do you have?" "Seven."

    • Jawaban: How many
  3. "____ are you reading?" "A novel."

    • Jawaban: What
  4. "____ is in your pocket?" "Some money."

    • Jawaban: What
  5. "____ telephoned you this morning?" "Nunik did."

    • Jawaban: Who
  6. "____ are you?" "Setiawan."

    • Jawaban: Who
  7. "____ is your father?" "An editor."

    • Jawaban: What
  8. "____ students are there in the school yard?" "More than seventy."

    • Jawaban: How many
  9. "____ pairs of trousers did you buy?" "Three."

    • Jawaban: How many
  10. "____ is in your car?" "A bag."

    • Jawaban: What