20 contoh soal pilihan ganda present perfect tense beserta jawabannya

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Berikut adalah 20 contoh soal pilihan ganda (multiple-choice) mengenai Present Perfect Tense beserta jawabannya:

  1. She ____________ her homework yet.
    a. does
    b. did
    c. has done
    d. do
    Jawaban: c. has done
  2. We ____________ to the new restaurant downtown.
    a. go
    b. have gone
    c. goes
    d. are going
    Jawaban: b. have gone
  3. By the time she arrives, we ____________ the meeting.
    a. finish
    b. have finished
    c. finishes
    d. are finishing
    Jawaban: b. have finished
  4. I ____________ that movie before.
    a. watch
    b. watched
    c. have watched
    d. watches
    Jawaban: c. have watched
  5. They ____________ each other for a long time.
    a. know
    b. are knowing
    c. have known
    d. knows
    Jawaban: c. have known
  6. He ____________ his keys.
    a. lose
    b. is losing
    c. lost
    d. loses
    Jawaban: c. lost
  7. I ____________ here for five years.
    a. live
    b. lived
    c. am living
    d. have lived
    Jawaban: d. have lived
  8. By the time you arrive, I ____________ my work.
    a. finish
    b. finishes
    c. have finished
    d. finished
    Jawaban: c. have finished
  9. She ____________ her report already.
    a. writes
    b. is writing
    c. has written
    d. write
    Jawaban: c. has written
  10. They ____________ to Paris three times.
    a. go
    b. goes
    c. are going
    d. have gone
    Jawaban: d. have gone
  11. I ____________ the book, so you can borrow it.
    a. read
    b. reads
    c. am reading
    d. have read
    Jawaban: d. have read
  12. She ____________ the news already.
    a. hear
    b. hears
    c. has heard
    d. hearing
    Jawaban: c. has heard
  13. By the time the guests arrive, we ____________ the decorations.
    a. finish
    b. finishes
    c. have finished
    d. finished
    Jawaban: c. have finished
  14. I ____________ this song before.
    a. hear
    b. hears
    c. have heard
    d. hearing
    Jawaban: c. have heard
  15. He ____________ his new car for a month.
    a. has
    b. have
    c. is having
    d. having
    Jawaban: a. has
  16. They ____________ their lunch yet.
    a. eat
    b. eats
    c. are eating
    d. have not eaten
    Jawaban: d. have not eaten
  17. She ____________ the news on TV.
    a. watch
    b. watches
    c. is watching
    d. has watched
    Jawaban: d. has watched
  18. We ____________ a lot of progress in the last few months.
    a. make
    b. makes
    c. are making
    d. have made
    Jawaban: d. have made
  19. He ____________ to that concert before.
    a. go
    b. goes
    c. is going
    d. has gone
    Jawaban: d. has gone
  20. The students ____________ their exams yet.
    a. take
    b. takes
    c. are taking
    d. have not taken
    Jawaban: d. have not taken