Latihan soal present perfect continuous tense 5

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Rubahlah kata yang ada di dalam tanda kurung menjadi bentuk yang benar.


1.She  (work) here for ten years.


2.Look! Somebody  (break) that window.


3.I  (read) the book you gave me but I  (not finish) it yet.


4."Sorry, I'm late." "That's all right." "I  (no wait) long.


5.Hello! I  (clean) the windows. So far I  (clean) five of them and there are two more to do.


6.There's a strange smell in here.  (cook) something?


7.My brother is an actor. He  (appear) in several films.


8.I  (lost) my key. Can you help me look for it?


9.You look tired.  (work) hard?


10.The ceiling was white. Now it's blue. Roni  (paint) the ceiling.

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