Latihan soal present perfect continuous tense 5

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Rubahlah kata yang ada di dalam tanda kurung menjadi bentuk yang benar.

1. She (work) here for ten years.

2. Look! Somebody (break) that window.

3. I (read) the book you gave me but I (not finish) it yet.

4. "Sorry, I'm late." "That's all right." "I (no wait) long.

5. Hello! I (clean) the windows. So far I (clean) five of them and there are two more to do.

6. There's a strange smell in here. (cook) something?

7. My brother is an actor. He (appear) in several films.

8. I (lost) my key. Can you help me look for it?

9. You look tired. (work) hard?

10. The ceiling was white. Now it's blue. Roni (paint) the ceiling.


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