Latihan soal prepositional collocation 1

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Choose the correct preposition in bracket based on the given context
(Pilihlah kata depan dalam kurung yang tepat sesuai dengan konteks yang diberikan.)

1.Can you explain this (to/for/at/on) me?

2.Tom blamed me (for/at/on/about) the accident.

3.When I saw Fini, I congratulated her (on/in/at/for) passing her driving test.

4.It’s very large house. It’s divided (into/onto/off) four flats.

5.He got angry and shouted (on/at/to/for) me.

6.Ratu doesn’t write (to/for/at/on) her parents very often but she phoned (on/onto/in/for) them at least once a week.

7.Can I speak (with/to/on/about) you a moment? There is something I want to ask you.

8.Don’t listen (at/to/on/in/for) what he says. He is stupid.

9.She smiled (at/to/for/in) me as she passed me in the street.

10.You know that you can always rely (on/in/from/at) me if you need any help.