20 contoh soal pilihan ganda past continuous tense beserta jawabannya

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Berikut ini 20 contoh soal pilihan ganda bahasa Inggris tentang Past Continuous Tense beserta dengan kunci jawabannya.

  1. What ________ you ________ when the power went out?
    a. were / doing
    b. was / doing
    c. are / do
    d. is / doing
    Jawaban: a
  2. While I ________ my homework, my friend ________ a movie.
    a. am doing / is watching
    b. was doing / was watching
    c. do / watches
    d. did / watch
    Jawaban: b
  3. They ________ soccer when it started raining.
    a. play
    b. were playing
    c. plays
    d. played
    Jawaban: b
  4. What ________ you ________ at 8 PM yesterday?
    a. are / doing
    b. were / doing
    c. is / doing
    d. am / do
    Jawaban: b
  5. While she ________ to the radio, her brother ________ a sandwich.
    a. listens / is making
    b. listened / made
    c. was listening / was making
    d. is listening / makes
    Jawaban: c
  6. At this time yesterday, I ________ a book.
    a. read
    b. am reading
    c. was reading
    d. reads
    Jawaban: c
  7. They ________ a birthday party when I called them.
    a. have
    b. were having
    c. has
    d. had
    Jawaban: b
  8. While I ________ my car, someone ________ my bag.
    a. wash / is stealing
    b. was washing / steals
    c. am washing / steal
    d. wash / stole
    Jawaban: b
  9. She ________ when the earthquake happened.
    a. sleeps
    b. is sleeping
    c. slept
    d. was sleeping
    Jawaban: d
  10. What ________ you ________ when I called you last night?
    a. do / watch
    b. are / watching
    c. were / watching
    d. is / watch
    Jawaban: c
  11. While they ________ dinner, the phone ________.
    a. have / rings
    b. are having / ring
    c. had / rang
    d. have / ring
    Jawaban: c
  12. He ________ his homework when his friends arrived.
    a. finish
    b. finishing
    c. finished
    d. finishes
    Jawaban: c
  13. At 3 PM yesterday, I ________ my sister at the airport.
    a. meet
    b. meeting
    c. met
    d. meets
    Jawaban: c
  14. What ________ you ________ when the earthquake started?
    a. do / feel
    b. are / feeling
    c. were / feeling
    d. is / feel
    Jawaban: c
  15. While she ________ the dishes, her brother ________ TV.
    a. wash / watch
    b. washes / watches
    c. is washing / watches
    d. washed / watched
    Jawaban: b
  16. They ________ soccer at this time yesterday.
    a. play
    b. played
    c. were playing
    d. plays
    Jawaban: c
  17. At midnight, I ________ a horror movie.
    a. watch
    b. watched
    c. watches
    d. watching
    Jawaban: b
  18. What ________ you ________ when the accident occurred?
    a. do / see
    b. are / seeing
    c. were / seeing
    d. is / see
    Jawaban: c
  19. She ________ her room when I called her.
    a. clean
    b. cleaning
    c. cleaned
    d. cleans
    Jawaban: c
  20. While they ________ the concert, it ________ raining.
    a. are attending / is
    b. attending / was
    c. attended / is
    d. attended / was
    Jawaban: d