Latihan soal noun clauses 1

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1. I wonder ____ Jerry knows about the meeting or not. He was not here when it was announced.
2. X: Be sure to tell the doctor ____
Y: Okay, Mom. I'll remember that.
3. Sarah was sleeping last night when a tsunami struck New York. She has no idea ____
4. Before you leave on your trip, read this tour book. It tells you where ____ and how to get there.
5. It is a fact ____ the earth's temperature keeps increasing every year. This has caused tons of blocks of ice in North Pole to melt down.
6. Mr. Whitaker told his daughter that ____ had to clean up her room before going to bed.
7. No one knows when the rematch between Many Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather ____ take place. Both sides haven't even started negotiating.
8. A person in the audience asked the professor if the necessary means to increase the world's food supply ____ presently available.
9. X: So, how was it?
Y: The doctor asked if I felt okay. I told him that I ____, especially in my stomach.
10. Mike came into my room and asked why ____ I said that I didn't feel too well.


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