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Penggunaan modals should, had better, must, have to dalam kalimat

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Should dan Had better mempunyai arti seharusnya/sebaiknya (biasanya berupa nasehat/pendapat). Should digunakan jika pemberi nasehat menganggap bahwa jika nasehatnya dilakukan akan berakibat baik, tapi kalau tidak dilakukan tidak apa-apa.

Had better digunakan jika pemberi nasehat menganggap bahwa nasehatnya baik untuk dilakukan, tetapi akan berakibat buruk jika tidak dilakukan.


  • I think we should hear her story.
  • It is a good book, You should read this book.
  • You had better study hard.

Must dan have to mempunyai arti harus, keduanya mempunyai arti yang sama-sama lebih harus daripada should dan had better. Jika seseorang berkata "you must do something" maka ia beranggapan bahwa itu harus benar-benar anda lakukan, tidak boleh tidak.

Apabila seseorang berkata "I have to do it" artinya ia beranggapan bahwa ia harus melakukan itu, ia tidak bisa untuk tidak melakukannya.


  • Your GAP must higher than 2,75 to stay in this campus.
  • I have to study from 07.00 to 13.30 every day.

Must digunakan untuk menyampaikan pernyataan yang harus dilakukan oleh orang lain (bukan pembuat pernyataan) sedangkan have to untuk menyampaikan sesuatu yang memang harus dilakukan oleh yang bersangkutan.


  • You must use 2B pencil to do the exam.
  • I have to work every day.

Must not digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu larangan (pasti tidak boleh dilakukan) misal "we must not cheat". Selain must not ada juga need not yang digunakan untuk menyatakan sesuatu yang seharusnya tidak harus dilakukan, tetapi dilakukan juga tidak apa-apa karena bukan larangan. Misalnya saat anda bosan dengan film yang sedang anda tonton anda akan berkata "we need not watch this".

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Thank you very much


Latihan soal modals

Alfred visited some countries in Asia, Europe, and America. He bought luxurious things for his wife and children. He ____ a lot of money.
I ..... stay here very long if you permit me.
I try to call George but there’s no answer. He ____ be at home right now.
Joni ____ do this difficult question item since he is so clever.
She is sneezing all the time. She ____ a cold.
Dono is playing games ion the computer, but actually he ____ be working on his assignment.
Berta: "Can I have your report soon?"
Jono: "Sure, I ____ it before you go to the meeting."
This bag is very heavy. Please help me, I ..... take it by myself.
He ____ arrive at the party on time, even after missing the train, so he was very pleased.
____ I play video game tonight mom?


Latihan soal must, have to, should

You ____ eat more fruits and vegetables for your diet menu.
All students ____ come to school at 7 a.m.
Students ____ eat in classroom.
It's a casual event. We ____ wear formal dress.
You have final exams tomorrow. You ____ study to get a good mark.
Your daughter ____ stop eating sweets. It's not good for her health.
We ____ collect our project by tomorrow to get A in Biology.
Keenan is getting married. He ____ be very happy. He smiles all day.
They ____ park here. There is a "NO PARKING" sign.
I think you ____ visit my parents this weekend. They say they miss you.