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Pengertian noun clause, proses pembentukan, dan contoh kalimatnya

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Saat posisi subjek atau objek dari suatu kalimat dikembangkan menjadi anak kalimat (klausa), maka klausa yang menempati posisi seperti ini adalah S+P yang diawali that/whether/ QW , selanjutnya klausa seperti ini disebut noun clause. Noun clause yang mendapat awalan that (bahwa) akan menyatakan suatu fakta; awalan whether (apakah) menyatakan pilihan atau penegasan; dan question word akan menyatakan makna sesuai dengan makna dari question word (kata tanya) yang dipakai—misalnya why (mengapa): alasan, how (bagaimana) cara/keadaan, dll.

Susunan noun clause harus selamanya dalam bentuk affirmative/ pernyataan.


  • Do all citizens(S)
  • know(P)
  • it(O)
  • ?

Unsur objek dapat dikembangkan misalnya menjadi:

  • Do all citizens(S)
  • know(P)
  • what their right(S)
  • are(P)

, (bukan ... what are their right), gabungan their right are merupakan O

  • Something(S)
  • annoys(P)
  • the teacher(O)
  • very much.

Unsur subjek dapat dikembangkan misalnya menjadi:

  • That Fini(S)
  • always comes late(P)
  • annoys(P)
  • the teacher very much(O).

Gabungan That Fini(S) always comes late(P) bisa merupakan S.

  • I(S)
  • want to know(P)
  • the matter(O).

Unsur objek dapat dikembangkan misalnya menjadi:


wanted to know

(P) from whom Setiawan(S)

heard the news(P).

Gabungan whom Setiawan(S) heard the news(P) merupakan O.

  • The problem(S)
  • has not been decided yet(P).

Unsur subjek dapat dikembangkan misalnya menjadi:

  • Whether the company(S)
  • will open(P)
  • a new branch(O)
  • in Bandung(Adverb)
  • has not been decided yet(P).

Kata-kata kerja (verb) yang sering diikuti noun clause dalam posisi objek:

  • agree
  • feel
  • promise
  • suppose
  • ask
  • guess
  • remember
  • tell
  • be afraid
  • hear
  • say
  • teach
  • believe
  • hope
  • see
  • think
  • decide
  • imagine
  • show
  • understand
  • expect
  • know
  • to be
  • be worried
  • explain
  • learn
  • sorry
  • wonder


  • I hope that Fini will come with me tonight.
  • Ratu thinks that I did it.
  • She wonders if I could see her again.
  • Do you know what she is doing now?
  • Prabu hoped that she would answer his letter.
  • She believed that I had done all these.
  • Nunik asked where I came from.

Mohon dicermati:

Question= Where will the meeting take place?
Noun clause= She asks where the meeting will take place.

Question= Why did the plane land at the wrong place?
Noun clause= The authorities can’t figure out why the plane landed at the wrong place.

Question= Where did he go?
Noun clause= Do you know where he went?

Question= What time is it?
Noun clause= Can you tell me what time it is.



S= Subyek

P= Predikat

O= Obyek

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