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Pengertian indefinite pronoun, macam, dan contoh dalam kalimat

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Apa itu indefinite pronoun?

Indefinite pronoun adalah kata-kata yang mengacu pada seseorang atau sesuatu yang dianggap tidak tentu. Yang termasuk dalam indefinite pronoun seperti:

  • Somebody, someone, anyone, anybody, anybodyone (seseorang)
  • Something, anything (sesuatu)
  • Everybody (setiap orang)
  • Everything (segala sesuatu)
  • Somewhere, anywhere (di suatu tempat)
  • Everywhere (di mana-mana)
  • No one, nobody (tak seorang pun)
  • Nothing (tak satu pun, tak ada apa-apa)
  • None (tak seorang pun, tak satu pun)
  • Nowhere (tidak dimana pun)
  • Each (setiap-tiap-tiap)

"Some" biasa digunakan dalam kalimat positif, sedangkan "any" biasa digunakan dalam kalimat negatif dan interrogative. Kalau "any" digunakan dalam kalimat positif,maka artinya menjadi "yang mana saja" seperti:

  • Anyone, anybody (siapa saja)
  • Anything (apa saja)
  • Anywhere (di mana saja)

Contoh penggunaan indefinite pronoun dalam kalimat:

  • I saw somebody in your house yesterday.
  • Do you something to me?
  • I didn't see anyone there yesterday.
  • Jimmy has two books. Each costs Rp 20.000.
  • There is nothing that can I say to you.
  • They will go nowhere tomorrow.

Latihan soal pronouns

- "Please, stay a little while"
- "Of course, mum, ____ was going to suggest ____ ____ .
____ presidents elected in years ending in zero died in ____ office.
____ of them must take an exam.
A friend of ____ told ____ about it.
____ met ____ in the street and ____ told ____ all about it.
We asked her to tell us ____ interesting, but she refused to tell us ____ .
I can't find my watch ____ . I've looked for it ____ .
We got home late. We were very tired and ____ went to bed at once.
Why didn't you ask ____ to help ____?
____ mother never regarded ____ with much favor and there was an antipathy between ____ .