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Pengertian determiners, fungsi, dan contoh penggunaannya dalam bahasa inggris

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Apa itu determiners?

Determiners merupakan kata-kata yang ditempatkan di depan noun (kata benda) untuk memperjelas kata benda tersebut. Berikut ini beberapa tipe kata determiner:

  • Definite article : the
  • Indefinite articles : a, an
  • Demonstratives: this, that, these, those
  • Pronouns and possessive determiners : my, your, his, her, its, our, their
  • Quantifiers : a few, a little, much, many, a lot of, most, some, any, enough
  • Numbers : one, ten, thirty
  • Distributives : all, both, half, either, neither, each, every
  • Difference words : other, another
  • Pre-determiners : such, what, rather, quite

Contoh penggunaannya:

  • the countryside
  • some paper
  • this old sofa
  • my father
  • five green chairs
  • each person

Tapi kadang penggunaan determiners tidak diperlukan seperti:

Cat love mouse.

Determiners sendiri memiliki 2 fungsi utama yaitu referring dan quantifying.


Referring maksudnya menjelaskan kepada kita, pada apa kata benda (noun) tadi ditujukan, atau mengacu pada apa. Tipe determiners yang sering digunakan yaitu articles, demonstratives, dan possessives.


"a/an, the"


  • Close the door, please.
  • I've got a friend in Jakarta.


"this, that, these and those"


  • This is my camera.
  • Do you want this bag or are you going to put it in that box?


"my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their"


  • This is my house.
  • Is that car yours?


Fungsi determiners sebagai quantifying berarti menunjukkan seberapa banyak, atau berapa banyak. Kata yang termasuk quantifier seperti:

"some, any, few, little, more, much, many, each, every, both, all, enough, half, little, whole, less"


  • Five people were arrested during an anti-war demonstration in London today.
  • There are some letters here for you.
  • He knows more people than his wife.
  • Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
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