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Pengertian concrete noun, jenis, dan contohnya

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Apa itu concrete noun?

Concrete noun merupakan kata benda yang berwujud, dapat dilihat dan diraba. Concrete noun terdiri dari empat jenis yaitu:

  1. Common nouns (kata benda biasa). Contoh: student, water, king, river, man, dll.
  2. Proper nouns (kata benda nama diri). Contoh: Wawan, Budi, Bambang, Rina, dll.
  3. Material nouns (Kata benda yang berasal dari pertambangan dan bahan baku lainnya). Contoh: iron, gold, silver, oil, dll.
  4. Collective nouns (kata benda kumpulan/kelompok). Contoh: team, cattle, fleet, crew, dll.
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Latihan soal nouns

My father raises a lot of ____.
He wrote several articles about ____ and piano makers.
How many ____ can we eat per week?
They are ____.
“Are those ____?”
”Yes, they are.”
How did you learn to drive an automobile in a month?
He told me how to raise money for charity.
After three hours the rain stopped.
He cleaned up his kitchen sink after finding two ____
The fear of vulnerability can be described as a fear of showing your authentic self.