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Pengertian abstract noun, contoh, dan proses pembentukan katanya

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Apa itu abstract noun?

Abstract noun merupakan kata benda yang tidak berwujud, tidak dapat dilihat dan diraba, tapi hanya dapat dibayangkan.

Mayoritas kata yang tergolong abstract noun terbentuk dari kata yang dapat menjalani proses derivasi—kata benda yang dibentuk dari jenis kata lain misalnya dari verb, adjective atau adverb yang ditambah akhiran tertentu. Contoh akhiran (sufiks) yang menunjukkan kata terkategori abstract noun:

Akhiran (suffix) Contoh Kata
-ary, -aire
-an, -ian, -ician
-ancy, -ency
-er, -ar,-or
-ic, -ics
-t, -th
secretary, millionaire
Mohammedan, pedestrian, beautician
distance, absence, importance
lieutenancy, currency
wisdom, kingdom
employee, trainee, testee
teacher, liar, tailor
manhood, childhood
analysis, crisis
criticism, racism
artist, industrialist
relation, religion
enjoyment, government
coldness, happiness
friendship, leadership
height, length, truth
sovereignty, activity


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Latihan soal nouns

They are some ____. Are there any ____?
____ are good for children.
My father raises a lot of ____.
He asked a slice of ____.
There are not any ____ in gulf.
How many ____ do you have?
They are ____.
“Are those ____?”
”Yes, they are.”
“What is Setiawan?”
”He is ____.”
Rinaevi has ____.