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Mengenal Correlative Conjunction, Jenis, dan Contoh Kalimatnya

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Correlative conjunction adalah dua kata sambung yang digunakan secara bersamaan dalam sebuah kalimat. Correlative conjunction sering digunakan untuk mengekspresikan adanya pengecualian (exlussion) dan pencakupan (inclussion).

Dalam bahasa Inggris ada beberapa correlative conjunction seperti:

    1. both...and
      Digunakan untuk mencakupkan dua struktur paralel yang berupa kata benda, kata sifat, dan kata keterangan.
      Dr. Edy teaches both English and Math.
    2. well as
      Digunakan untuk mencakupkan dua atau tiga struktur paralel berupa kata benda, kata sifat, dan kata keterangan.
      The class presentation is both interesting and inspiring as well as alive.
    3. not only...but also
      Digunakan untuk mengecualikan struktur yang mengikuti not (bisa kata benda, kata kerja, maupun kata keterangan) dan juga mencakupkan struktur yang mengikuti but.
      Candle healing is not only a new method in health care but also a useful therapy process.
    4. neither dan either
      Kedua kunjungsi ini disebut sebagai negative agreement. Meski memiliki makna yang sama, keduanya digunakan secara berbeda. Neither digunakan sebelum auxiliary verb. Sedangkan either digunakan setelah auxiliary verb dan not.
      Simon doesn't complete his task yet, and neither does Tim.
      Simon doesn't complete his task yet and Tim doesn't either.
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thanks for share it

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Jelasin soal penggunakan "... either ... or ..." sama "... neither ... nor ..." dong... Thanks...


Latihan soal conjunctions

Before ____, they used horse-drawn wooden carts.
..... her sickness, She didn’t go to the supermarket
____ it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.
When Alex refused to help Miranda, she became furious and ____ at him.
..... its facilities serve the public very well, this hotel is highly rated.
The farmers exterminate rodents in their farmland ____ they damage the corps.
Since there are many complaints about the new products, the company ____ the products now.
Learning to play a musical instrument often motivates a child to be disciplined and focused, ____ it can impart a feeling of social worth.
Everyone in this company likes Mrs. Kowalski. She has proven herself to be a sincere, hardworking, and ____ supervisor.
Gareth could pass the examination ..... he studied hard.