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Conjunction adalah kata yang memiliki fungsi menghubungkan kata dengan kata, bagian kalimat dengan bagian kalimat, atau menghubungkan kalimat dengan kalimat.

Contoh :

  • Mrs. Anne and Mr. Jones are teachers.
    (Nyonya Anne dan Tuan Jones adalah guru)

Dalam contoh kalimat di atas, “and” adalah Conjunction karena “and” menghubungkan dua Nouns yaitu Mrs. Anne dan Mr. Jones.

Dalam tata bahasa Inggris dikenal ada 2 (dua) jenis Conjunction, yaitu:

  1. COORDINATE CONJUNCTION (Kata Sambung Koordinat)
  2. SUBORDINATE CONJUNCTION (Kata Sambung Subordinat)
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Latihan soal conjunctions

I like hotdog ____ my sister doesn’t.
Irma didn’t want to continue her study ____ took a job instead.
Learning to play a musical instrument often motivates a child to be disciplined and fucused, ____ it can impart a feeling of social worth.
He was satisfied ____ not overjoyed.
..... I lost mine, I am going to ask my friend if I can borrow his calculator for the tomorrows exam.
X: Either you clean your room ____ you will stay home this weekend.
Y: But mom, that’s not fair. It was Jeanne who made such a mess in my room.
He can’t drive …….. his illness
It is generally considered unwise to give a child ____ he or she wants.
He couldn’t run ……. his old age.
We searched the car trunk, ____ and the top of the refrigerator, but we could not find the box of whole grain cereal that we bought.