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Conjunction adalah kata yang memiliki fungsi menghubungkan kata dengan kata, bagian kalimat dengan bagian kalimat, atau menghubungkan kalimat dengan kalimat.

Contoh :

  • Mrs. Anne and Mr. Jones are teachers.
    (Nyonya Anne dan Tuan Jones adalah guru)

Dalam contoh kalimat di atas, “and” adalah Conjunction karena “and” menghubungkan dua Nouns yaitu Mrs. Anne dan Mr. Jones.

Dalam tata bahasa Inggris dikenal ada 2 (dua) jenis Conjunction, yaitu:

  1. COORDINATE CONJUNCTION (Kata Sambung Koordinat)
  2. SUBORDINATE CONJUNCTION (Kata Sambung Subordinat)
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Latihan soal conjunctions

We lost all the match ____ we were the dreaming team.
I love music ____ I can’t play any musical instrument.
I couldn’t sleep ____ I was tired.
____ all my careful plans, a lot of things went wrong.
____ it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.
Setiawan decided to give up his job ____ I advised him not to.
The heating was full on, but ____ this the house was still cold.
____ being very tired, we carried on walking.
____ I had planned everything carefully, a lot of things went wrong.
____ not having eaten for three days, I am not starving.