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Bentuk-bentuk kalimat pasif bahasa Inggris dan contohnya

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Bagaimana contoh bentuk kalimat pasif bahasa Inggris?

Berikut adalah bentuk-bentuk kalimat pasif bahasa Inggris beserta contoh kalimatnya:

1) Passive Imperative Sentence

Rumus: Let + objek + be + Kata Kerja Bentuk III

  • Help the poor (active)
  • Let the poor be helped (passive)

2) Passive Infinitive: It is/was time

Rumus: It is/was time for + objek + to be + kata kerja III

  • It is time to send the letter (active)
  • It is time for the letter to be sent (passive)

3) Negative Passive Imperative Sentence

Rumus: Subjek + be + Kata kerja III + not to + infinitive

(kata kerja III yang sering digunakan adalah: advised, asked, begged, commanded, requested)

  • Don't wait for me (active)
    You are advised not to wait for me (passive)

4) Passive Sentence with Verbs of Perception

Rumus : Subjek + be + adjectives + when + subjek + be + kata kerja III

(kata kerja yang digunakan adalah: taste, smell, feel)

  • This food tastes delicious (active)
  • This food is delicious when it is tasted (passive)

5) Passive Sentence with Certain Verbs followed by that-clause

Kata kerja yang digunakan adalah: accept, admit, agree, assume, believe, decide, expect, find out, intend, plan, point out, presume, prove, regret, report, say, think, understand.

  • We regretted that the principal had to resign from office (active)
  • It was regretted that the principal had to resign from office (passive)

6) Passive Sentence with Nouns or Adjectives as Complements

  • I consider her very pretty (active)
  • She is considered very pretty (passive)

7) Passive Sentence with two objects

  • He gave me a book (active)
  • A book was given to me by him (passive 1)
  • I was given a book by him (passive 2)

8) Passive Sentence with Gerund Verbs

  • The teacher enjoyed teaching the students (active)
  • The students enjoyed being taught by the teacher (passive)

9) Agent consisting long expression at the end of sentence

Dalam kalimat pasif, jika pelaku terdiri dari ekspresi yang panjang, sebaiknya subjek tersebut ditempatkan di akhir kalimat setelah by.

  • We were all surprised by her sudden announcement to get married
  • I was confused by his plan to stop the ongoing project and begin a new one.

10) Passive Sentence with unique verbs

Kata kerja yang digunakan adalah: require, deserve, need

  • This wall needs to be painted (sama dengan)
  • This wall needs painting.
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