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Aturan penggunaan "should", "would", dan "used to" beserta contoh kalimatnya

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Should dan Would, selain merupakan bentuk lampau (past) dari shall dan will, digunakan untuk menyatakan:

Kebiasaan pada masa silam.


  • We would often go on picnics. (kami biasa sering berpiknik.)
  • They would sit for hours without speaking. (Mereka biasa duduk berjam-jam tanpa berbicara.)
  • She would spend her summers in Europe. (Ia biasa melewatkan musim panasnya di Eropa.)

Persetujuan atau kemungkinan.


  • I should be glad to come. (Saya akan sangat merasa senang untuk datang.).
  • We should be happy to come. (Kami akan merasa senang untuk datang.).
  • She said that she would sen it. (Ia mengatakan bahwa ia akan mengirimkannya.)



  • I should be forced to do it. (Saya terpaksa harus melakukannya.)
  • We should pay them for the damage. (kami harus mengganti kerusakan itu kepada mereka.)
  • You should know better. (Anda harus mengetahui lebih baik.)

Pengandaian di waktu yang akan datang.


  • Should I fail, shall notify you. (Seandainya saya gagal, saya akan memberitahukan kepadamu.)
  • Should he come, ask him to telephone me at once. (Seandainya ia datang, mintalah ia segera menelepon saya.)
  • Should she marry, I shall send her a gift. (Seandainya ia menikah, saya akan mengirimkan kado kepadanya.)

Pengandaian seandainya syaratnya terpenuhi pada waktu lampau.


  • If I had tought, I should have called him by phone. (Jika telah kupikirkan, aku akan sudah menelepon dia.)
  • Id she had taken the medicine, she would have felt better. (Jika ia telah meminum obat, ia akan sudah merasa lebih sehat.)
  • If they had asked for it, they would have received it. (Kalau mereka telah memintanya, mereka akan sudah menerimanya.)

Used to digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kebiasaan atau kegiatan yang berulang-ulang pada waktu lampau. Ini digunakan untuk menggambarkan keadaan atau situasi yang ada di waktu lampau dimana sekarang sudah tidak seperti itu lagi.


  • I used to walk to campus when I was a student. (Saya biasa berjalan ke kampus ketika saya masih mahasiswa.)
  • He used to play football for the local team, but he’s too old now. (Dia dulu bermain sepakbola untuk tim lokal, tapi dia terlalu tua sekarang.)
  • That white house over there used to belong to my family. (Rumah putih di sana dulu milik keluarga saya.)
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Latihan soal would

If I have a good lunch today I ____ not eat much tonight.
Do you think they ____ accept the invitation to the dinner?
I didn't think the suspect ____ be acquitted by the jury.
What do you think ____ happen at the meeting this afternoon?
If you had to make a choice, what ____ you decide on?
I am certain I ____ be able to make it on time.
I ____ dive in this polluted river for any amount of money.
I promise I ____ always be there when you need me.
Tomorrow I ____ do my best to exercise when I get home.
I ____ like to go on a very long relaxing holiday.


Latihan soal must, have to, should

All students ____ come to school at 7 a.m.
You have final exams tomorrow. You ____ study to get a good mark.
We ____ collect our project by tomorrow to get A in Biology.
Your daughter ____ stop eating sweets. It's not good for her health.
Keenan is getting married. He ____ be very happy. He smiles all day.
You ____ eat more fruits and vegetables for your diet menu.
They ____ park here. There is a "NO PARKING" sign.
Students ____ eat in classroom.
It's a casual event. We ____ wear formal dress.
I think you ____ visit my parents this weekend. They say they miss you.