Apa itu pronoun?

Apa itu pronoun?

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Apa itu Pronoun?

Pronoun adalah kata ganti Noun (kata benda), dengan kata lain Pronoun berfungsi menggantikan Noun. Tujuannya adalah untuk mencegah terjadinya pengulangan kata dalam kalimat. Berikut adalah berbagai macam pronoun.

No   Saya Kamu Dia Kami Mereka It
1 Personal Subject I You He/She We They it
Object Me You Him/Her Us Them it
2 Possesive (kepemilikan) Beforenoun My Your His/Her Our Their  
  alone Mine Yours His/Hers Ours Theirs its
3 Reflexive Pronoun Myself Yourself Him/Herself Ourselve: Themselves itself


  • Before noun : Studying in Japan is my dream
  • Alone : a friend of mine getting married
  • personal : Andi is eating = He is eating
  • Reflexive Pronoun digunakan apabila pekerjaan dilakukan oleh subject itu sendiri. Contoh: I do it myself.
  • Tambahan: apabila you dalam bentuk jamak, reflexive pronounnya adalah yourselves.

Contoh kalimat pronoun lainnya:

  • Promoting their good and services, the company salesmen also bid an opportunity to earn some profit. (possesive pronoun)
  • Now that their children are growing up, Mr. And Ms. Grayson live themselves. (Reflexive pronoun)
  • After his parents passed away, Sam lived himself. (Reflexive pronoun)
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Latihan soal pronouns

It was clear they loved ____ .
____ met ____ in the street and ____ told ____ all about it.
At last we've found our book, but where is ____?
- ____ is your daughter?
- ____ is an English teacher.
He was very angry because he couldn't find the report ____ .
Come at ____ time ____ is convenient to ____ .
Michel can only guess ____ ____ think.
But now we are both happy and we love ____ .
____ of you can play the piano?
There is the man ____ ____ saw in the park the other day.