Apa Itu Preposition...

Apa Itu Preposition?

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Preposition adalah kata yang ditempatkan sebelum Noun (kata benda) atau Pronoun (kata ganti) untuk menunjukkan hubungan keduanya dengan bagian-bagian kalimat yang lain.

Noun atau Pronoun yang mengikuti Preposition selalu berkedudukan sebagai obyek kalimat.

Contoh :

  • The letter is writen by my friend.
    (Surat itu ditulis -oleh temanku)

Pada kalimat di atas "by" adalah Preposition karena by menghubungkan my friend sebagai Obyek dengan the letter is written.

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Latihan soal prepositions

____ general everything was all right. They thought they were walking ____ the direction ____ the village when they lost the way.
He is very good ____ maths.
The train stopped ____ all the stations and long before we got ____ London every seat was taken and people were standing ____ the corridors.
They drove ____ London ____ Paris, stopping ____ Vienna.
I want a glass ..... milk.
It was difficult ____ him to earn money ____ the country, so he went ____ town.
Great Britain consists ____ three parts.
A preposition ____ has an object.
____ the top of the hill the tourists could see hundreds of cars running quickly ____ the road.
She went ..... the car.