15 kata kerja khusu...

15 kata kerja khusus (special verbs) yang harus diikuti dengan gerund dan contoh kalimatnya

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Satu di antara penggunaan gerund adalah sebagai objek setelah kata kerja khusus. Apa saja yang termasuk kata kerja khusus yang harus diikuti gerund?

Di bawah ini adalah kata-kata kerja tersebut lengkap dengan arti dan contoh kalimatnya.


No Kata Kerja Arti Contoh Kalimat
1 admit mengakui She admitted stealing the car.
2 appreciate menghargai I appreciated her helping me.
3 avoid menghindari She avoided talking to me.
4 consider mempertimbangkan He considered moving to Surabaya
5 delay menunda I delayed doing my taxes.
6 deny menyangkal Rosa denied committing the crime.
7 dislike tidak suka My brother dislikes working after 5 pm.
8 enjoy menikmati I enjoy learning English.
9 imagine membayangkan He imagines working there one day.
10 involve melibatkan My job involves traveling to Japan once a month.
11 keep terus He kept interrupting his father.
12 mind keberatan Would you mind lending me the laptop?
13 miss rindu I miss living near the beach.
14 postpone menunda She postponed returning to New York.
15 understand mengerti I understand writing Amazon products.
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Latihan soal gerunds

..... a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily
By the time Ari and Zaki were in junior high, they started ..... down their own stories.
She gets used to ..... near the airport?
..... a new language can be very interesting.
Rudi is accustomed to ..... a tie during his work.
My hobby is .....
She always succeeded in ..... what she wanted.
I was interested in ..... more about your work.
Before ....., he said nothing.
..... his paper, he gave it to his teacher.