Nama hari dan bulan dalam bahasa Inggris serta contoh kalimat dan dialognya

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Apa saja nama hari dan bulan dalam bahasa Inggris? Bagaimana contoh kalimat dan percakapannya?

Berikut ini kosakata (vocabulary) seputar nama hari dan bulan dalam bahasa Inggris.

Nama-Nama Hari (Days) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

  • Sunday: Minggu
  • Monday: Senin
  • Tuesday: Selasa
  • Wednesday:  Rabu
  • Thursday: Kamis
  • Friday: Jumat
  • Saturday: Sabtu

Contoh Kalimat

  • I will go to Bali at Sunday (aku akan pergi ke Bali pada hari minggu)
  • every monday my school holds ceremony (setiap senin sekolah ku mengadakan upacara)
  • I have full schedule in tuesday (aku punya jadwal penuh di hari selasa)
  • Every wednesday I shoul meet my lecturer (setiap rabu aku harus menemui dosenku)
  • Thursday is my free day (hari kamis adalah hari libur ku)
  • Do you like friday? (kamu suka hari jumat?)
    Saturday is weekend day (hari sabtu adalah akhir pekan)

Contoh Dialog tentang Days

Aldo : mom, tomorrow is sunday (ma, besok hari minggu)

mom : yes, whats up honey? (ya kenapa sayang?)

Aldo : may I go outside with my classmate? (bolehkah aku keluar dengan teman-teman ku?)

mom : where will you go? (mau kemana kamu?

Aldo : we want to go in swimming pool, mom (kami ingin pergi ke kolam renang ma)

mom : how about next sunday? (bagaimana jika minggu depan?)

Aldo : why mom? (mengapa ma?)

mom : because your uncle will come this sunday (karena paman mu akan datang hari minggu ini)

Aldo : alright mom (baiklah ma)

Mom : iam sorry dear (maafkan aku sayang) but, iam promise you will go outside next sunday (tapi aku janji kamu boleh keluar hari minggu depan)

Aldo : yes mom (ya, ma)

Nama-Nama Bulan (Month) dalam Bahasa Inggris

  • January: januari
  • February: februari
  • march: maret
  • April: april
  • may: mei
  • june: juni
  • july: juli
  • august: agustus
  • september: september
  • october: oktober
  • november: november
  • December: desember

Contoh Kalimat :

  • I was born on february, so I love february (aku lahir di bulan februari, jadi aku sangat mencintai februari)
  • what month do you like (bulan apa yang kamu suka?)
  • They will come home in january (mereka akan datang kerumah pada bulan januari)
  • My mother was born in november (ibuku lahir pada bulan november)
  • They will do the examination in march (mereka akan ujian pada bulan maret)

Contoh Dialogue tentang Months

Father : when you will go to Bali, agnes? (kapan kamu akan pergi ke bali agnes?)

Agnes : in marc dad (bulan maret pa)

Father : together with your classmate? (bersama-sama dengan teman kelasmu?)

Agnes : yes dad, when dady and mama will go to singapore? (ya pa, kapan papa dan mama pergi ke singapore?)

father : in january dear (bulan januari sayang) do want to follow? (kamu ingin ikut?)

Agnes : no dad, I have planning in january (tidak pa, aku sudah ada rencana di bulan januari)

father : well, good luck dear (baiklah, semoga berhasil sayang)

Latihan soal conversations

Bryan: Good morning, Sir. What do you bring in your car?
Mr. Jo: Good morning, Bryan. I bring my books for my daughter.
bryan: Do you want me to help you bring those books, Sir?
Mr. Jo: Sure, thank you very much. Put it on the table in my room.

The underlined sentence shows expression ____
Mr. Jim: Would you like milk or sugar in your coffee?
Mr. Jon: Neither, thank you.
Mr. Jim: So, what do you want?
Mr. Jon: ____
Man: have you done your slides for the presentation?
Woman: I still need to make a few more slides.
man: Can I give you a hand?
Woman: Sure. Please correct my work and underline the incorrect words.
Man: Sure. Let me do that for you.

What is the woman probably doing?
Man: Did you go to Nisa’s party last Saturday?
Woman: I planned to go but I couldn’t make it.
Man: Oh, why?
Woman: I had a terrible headache.
What does the woman mean?
Man: Hi Tina, you look so busy. What are you doing?
Woman: I’m finishing the report on my research.
Man: What research is that?
Woman: I didn’t research about the cause of heart attacks. I did it as my assignment in order to get a scholarship.
Why is the girl busy?
Man: Who wrote that exciting spy adventure novel, Topez ?
Woman: That was Lion Yuris.
Man: Didn’t he also write the famous stories about bullfighting in Tempelona, Spain.
Woman: No, that was Ernest Hamingway.
What did Lion Yuris do?
Man: have you done your slides for the presentation?
Woman: I still need to make a few more slides.
man: Can I give you a hand?
Woman: Sure. Please correct my work and underline the incorrect words.
Man: Sure. Let me do that for you.

What is true about the dialogue?
Man: Oh my god, this traffic is making me crazy.
Woman: Absolutely! I think there must be an accident.
Man: I think so too. It’s almost seven o’clock. We’ll be late for school.
Woman: We’d better tell our teacher that we’re coming late, because of the traffic. We hope and pray that traffic will be fine soon and we will not miss the first lesson.
Man: Okay, let’s call her.
What is the best solution they have?
Alan: Hi, Jon. Do you fancy playing chess?
Joni: Oh, no thanks, I don't really feel like playing chess. How about going out instead.
Alan: it sounds good. Do you like eating at the Padang Restaurant?
Joni: I really do not like it. How about going to the theatre?
Alan: I love it. There is a new movie.
Joni: Well I really keen on it. Let's go.

What does Alan offer to Joni?
Woman: Can I help you, sir?
Man: May I have another glass, please?
Woman: Sure. Would you like to have one or two?
Man: I think one will be enough.
Woman: Alright. Would you like anything else?
Man: No. That's all. Thank you.
Woman: You're welcome. I'll be right back with your glass.
What does the woman probably do next?