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Kumpulan Ucapan Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Dalam Bahasa Inggris  

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Bingung cari ucapan selamat menyambut kedatangan bulan Ramadhan dalam bahasa Inggris? Nah berikut ini beberapa contohnya yang bisa Anda kembangkan:

  • On the month of Ramadan, I’m wishing you 4 weeks of blessings, 30 days of clemency, and 720 hours of enlightenment. Happy Ramadan!
  • As the auspicious month of Ramadan starts, may the crescent-shaped moon brighten your path toward enlightenment and may Allah bless you with peace and grace. Wishing you a Happy Ramadan!
  • As you fasts and offers prayers to Allah, may you find your peace and happiness. Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan!
  • May the divine Allah bless you with peaceful and prosperous life throughout the year. Ramadan Greetings 2018
  • That time of the year has come. A month to repent from our wrong-doings and sin. May all of us find peace on this Ramadan. Happy Ramadan Kareem!
  • May the Spirit of Ramadan stay in our heart and illuminate our soul from within. Happy Ramadan!
  • May Allah’s immaculate grace and exceptional wisdom conquer your life as you celebrate this holy month of Ramadan. Have a blessed and peaceful Ramadan!
  • I hope you will achieve the purification of the soul upon commemorating the month of Ramadan. Wishing you a blessed and happy Ramadan!
  • May the divine Allah bless you with peace and harmony. Wishing you more blessings this holy Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • Welcome the month of Ramadan with the heart filled with peace, harmony and joy. May the divine blessings of Allah protect and guide you. Ramadan Kareem
  • As the month of Ramadan starts, talk respectfully, treat others kindly, walk modestly and pray sincerely. May Allah bless you and your family.
  • May you find answers to your prayers. Happy Ramadan!
  • This Ramadan, I pray for your wellness and sending loads of prayers your way. Happy Ramadan.
  • I am praying that abounding happiness will find you as you are walking down the street. Happy Ramadan!
  • The month when evil is non-functional is an opportunity for us Muslims to initiate world peace. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • May forgiveness be granted to you by our mighty Allah. Repent and be saved! Happy Ramadan!
  • May this festivity push peace to transcend the earth, let light brighten up the world and grow hope to every Muslim’s heart. Happy Ramadan!
  • I hope this holiday will lead us to the right pathway: to the path of success, happiness, peace and prosperity. May Allah bless your good heart!
  • After Eid-ul-fitr, may you find the utmost source of bliss and gaiety. Enjoy every purifying moment of Ramadan! Be blessed!
  • I hope success and wealth penetrates into you this month. To bring you good fortune and prosperity. Happy Ramadan!
  • May on this Ramadan, All of your wishes come true. May you’ll never ever see sorrow in your life.
  • May this holy month of Ramadan chase away the depression and misery that is getting the best out of you. Happy Ramadan!
  • May Allah shower you with loads of blessings On the holy month of Ramadan. Celebrate and be blessed!
  • Ramadan is a month of Allah, Whose beginning is Mercy, Whose middle is Forgiveness, Whose end is Freedom from Fire. Ramadan Mubarak!
  • May the holy month of Koran’s revelation be the harbinger of your prosperity, success, harmony, peace and joy in your life… Ramadan Mubarak!
  • Allah’s blessings will always be on us. Celebrate and enjoy as once again, we will be given a chance to repent and ask for forgiveness for our sins and be forgiven. Ramadan Mubarak
  • I wish that this upcoming Ramadan bring you happiness and prosperity for all your life. Have a blessed one!
  • As you celebrate Ramadan, have your palms wide open to receive the great gift of joy and sweet serenity from our dear Allah! Ramadan Mubarak!
  • This precious celebration will lead us To the path of a perfect social harmony among all Muslims. Ramadan Mubarak Greetings
  • Ramadan is the season where the fiery horns of the devils freeze. Let’s take this opportunity to spread love and eradicate hatred. Have a peaceful and blessed Ramadan.
  • May Allah always guide you all throughout your journey in life. I wish this Ramadan will infuse you with courage That will help you be triumphant over the adversities of life. Happy Ramadan!
  • I hope a storm will shower you. But instead of a destructive storm, it is a storm of blessings. Happy Ramadan!
  • This fasting will give us hope, courage and strength to face our everyday life. I pray Allah blesses you! Ramadan Mubarak
  • As you open your door, I hope you’ll see happiness waiting for you to let it enter in your home. Happy Ramadan!
  • Sacrificing our body could never equal the unconditional love we experience from our one and only God. Happy Ramadan!
  • May You Always Be Blessed With The Love And Protection Of Allah. Wish You A Happy Ramadan!!!!!!
  • Ramadan is a month of Allah whose beginning is mercy whose middle is forgiveness whose end is freedom from fire. Ramadan Mubarak
  • May Allah forgive you for all of your fault and wrong doings RAMADAN MUBARAK!
  • May Allah allow us to be the first batch of Muslims to enter Jannah In’shaa’Allah Have a merciful Ramadan..!!!
  • Tasbeehs For Ramazan 1st =Ashra Alhamdolillah 2nd =Ashra-Astaghfirullah 3rd =Ashra-Allahumma Ajarni Minun Naar Ramadan Kareem Mubarak!!
  • “Ya Allah, accept our prayers and forgive our sins before we return to you.” Aameen Ramadan Kareem Mubarak!!
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thanks @radit, ditunggu ucapan selamat Idul Fitrinya 🙂

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thanks for share it  😀


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Terima kasih

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