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Contoh bahasa slang Australian English (en-AU)

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Bahasa slang American English sudah sering dibahas, bagaimana dengan Australian English?

Nah berikut ini beberapa bahasa slang dalam Australian English beserta contoh kalimatnya.

  1. Crook: sakit. "I can’t go to school, I feel a bit crook."
  2. Quack: dokter. "I have to go to the quack since I feel a bit crook."
  3. Wagging school: bolos sekolah. "Boredom is one of many reasons why children keep wagging school."
  4. Squizz: melihat. "Come here, take a squizz at this picture!"
  5. Tucker: makanan. "I’m hungry, let’s go get some tucker."
  6. Whinge: mengeluh. "Many people can’t stop whinging about the increasing of
    fuel prices."
  7. True blue: orang yang jujur, loyal, dapat dipercaya. "You can always count on Jim, he is a true blue."
  8. Up oneself: punya opini yang tinggi terhadap diri sendiri, narsis. "I don’t like her, she is so up herself."