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Percakapan bahasa Inggris via telepon tentang kondisi teman di rumah sakit

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris via telepon tentang kondisi teman di rumah sakit?

Berikut ini percakapan bahasa Inggris melalui telepon tiga orang yakni Anji, Mrs. Ira, dan Ridwan mengenai Ridwan, yang sedang dirawat di rumah sakit akibat jatuh dari sepeda motornya. Berikut ini dialognya:

Anji : Hello, good morning. Can I speak to Ridwan?

Mrs. Ira : I’m sorry, may I know who is in on the other end? I am Mrs. Ira, Ridwan’s mother

Anji : Oh, I’m sorry, Auntie. My name is Anji. I am Ridwan’s classmate.

Mrs. Ita : Oh, you are Ridwan’s classmate. Um, it seems that Ridwan is in his room upstairs. Would you wait for sometime while I get him?

Anji : That’d be okay, Auntie.

Mrs. Ita : Huh? That’s him. It seems he’s coming down from his room. A second please, I’ll get Ridwan for you.

Anji : Yes, thank you, Auntie.

Mrs. Ita : Ridwan! It’s your classmate Anji on the phone.

Ridwan : Alright, I’ll get it, Mom. Thanks. Hello… Hey, Anji, is it you?

Anji : Oh, hello there, Ridwan. It’s good to hear your voice again.

Ridwan : Hahaha it sounds you really miss me around.

Anji : Yeah, Bro. By the way, I heard that you were hospitalized. I’m so sorry, Buddy. I could not be there to see your condition. I was not in town. What made you get hospitalized anyway, Rid?

Ridwan : its okay, Buddy. I’m so healthy now. I just had a minor accident when I was riding my motorcycle on the road that day.

Anji : What happened, Rid? You got crash?

Ridwan : Um, no, I think it wasn’t a crash. That day was raining and the road seemed quite slippery. I was careless, I forced my motorcycle to the high speed and then when I found some other motorcycle riders suddenly passed by in front of me from other way, all of a sudden I wasn’t able to control my motorcycle in order to avoid running over them and I ended up running against the sidewalk.

Anji : Oh, Man! You should have been more careful, fortunately you didn’t get a fatal crash. So, people in there must have taken you into the hospital then?

Ridwan : No, I just had some scratches then I got up and rode my motorcycle home.

Anji : Wh..what?! Didn’t you get hospitalized from that accident?

Ridwan : Ahahaha my story really tricked you! I didn’t get hospitalized from that accident, Buddy. I was hospitalized because of typhus.

Anji : So, you’re telling me that your motorcycle accident had nothing to do with your hospitalization?

Ridwan : Yes, Buddy. [laughs]

Anji : Oh, Man! You really got me with that story. [deeply sighs]

Ridwan : Ahahaha. Because of that typhus, I had to be hospitalized for three days.

Anji : Haha, okay. It’s good to have you back. Are you home at 10 AM tomorrow by the way? I’d like to come over.

Ridwan : Alright, I’m free all day tomorrow.

Anji : Good! Okay, don’t miss me, I’ll be there tomorrow. Good bye, Buddy.

Ridwan: Haha, okay, Good bye.


  • Who is in other hand?: Siapa yang menelepon?
  • That’d be okay: Baiklah, tidak apa-apa
  • Buddy: Teman, Sobat
  • Bro (Brother): Kata sapaan akrab
  • Hospitalized: Dirawat di rumah sakit
  • Not in town: Sedang keluar kota
  • Minor accident: kecelakaan kecil
  • Crash: kecelakaan (tabrakan)
  • Slippery: licin
  • All of a sudden/suddenly: tiba-tiba
  • I wasn’t able to control… : tidak mampu mengendalikan
  • Running over/ running against: menabrak
  • Sidewalk: trotoar pejalan kaki
  • Fortunately: Untung saja
  • Scratches: luka gores
  • Rode (VII dari Ride): mengendarai
  • Typhus: penyakit tifus
  • (have) nothing to do with.. : tidak ada hubungannya dengan
  • Hospitalization: Rawat inap di rumah sakit
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