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Contoh percakapan seputar tanggal kelahiran dalam bahasa Inggris

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris mengenai hari kelahiran atau hari ulang tahun?

Berikut adalah contoh conversation (percakapan) dalam bahasa Inggris yang membahasa seputar hari kelahiran (ulang tahun).

Contoh 1

  • Doni: When were you born, Indra? (Kapan kamu lahir, Indra?)
  • Indra: I was born on 5th of October 1995. What about you? (Aku lahir pada tanggal 5 Oktober 1995. Bagaimana denganmu?)
  • Doni: We are born in the same month. I was born on 11th of October, but in the year of 1994. (Kita lahir di bulan yang sama. Aku lahir tanggal 11 Oktober, tetapi di tahun 1994)
  • Indra: Maybe we can celebrate our birthday together this year. (Mungkin kita bisa merayakan ulang tahun kita bersama tahun ini)
  • Doni: Sure, that will be nice. (Tentu, pasti akan menyenangkan)

Contoh 2

  • Winky: Hi, Katy! (Hai, Katy!)
  • Katy: Hi, Winky! How is it going? (Hai, Winky. Bagaimana kabarmu?)
  • Winky: Good. What about you? (Baik. Bagaimana denganmu?)
  • Katy: Same. (Sama)
  • Winky: I want to ask you about Jenny’s birthday. I want to give her a surprise on her birthday. (Aku ingin bertanya padamu tentang ulang tahun Jenny)
  • Katy: Her birthday is on September 1. It’s only 1 week from now, so you have to prepare it immediately. (Ulang tahunnya pada tanggal 2 September. Hanya 1 minggu dari sekarang, jadi kamu harus segera menyiapkannya)
  • Winky: OK, thank you so much for the information, Katy. (Baik, terima kasih informasinya, Katy)
  • Katy: You’re welcome. (Sama-sama)

Contoh 3

  • Mom: When was Romy born? (Romy lahir tanggal berapa?)
  • Nanda: He was born on 17th of May 2000. (Dia lahir pada 17 Mei 2000)
  • Mom: And when was Nadia born? (Dan kapan Nadia lahir?)
  • Nanda: She was born on 8 of July 2002. (Dia lahir pada 8 Juli 2002)
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Latihan soal conversations

Mr. Jim: Would you like milk or sugar in your coffee?
Mr. Jon: Neither, thank you.
Mr. Jim: So, what do you want?
Mr. Jon: ____
Man: How long have you been out of the country?
Woman: Two weeks and it was amazing.
Man: Where did you go?
Woman: Finland for a week, Scotland for four days and the rest I spent in England.
How long was the woman out of the country?
Man: Oh my god, this traffic is making me crazy.
Woman: Absolutely! I think there must be an accident.
Man: I think so too. It’s almost seven o’clock. We’ll be late for school.
Woman: We’d better tell our teacher that we’re coming late, because of the traffic. We hope and pray that traffic will be fine soon and we will not miss the first lesson.
Man: Okay, let’s call her.
What is the best solution they have?
Bryan: Good morning, Sir. What do you bring in your car?
Mr. Jo: Good morning, Bryan. I bring my books for my daughter.
bryan: Do you want me to help you bring those books, Sir?
Mr. Jo: Sure, thank you very much. Put it on the table in my room.

The underlined sentence shows expression ____
Man: Did you have a nice flight, ma'am?
Woman: Yes, but a little turbulence.
Man: Let me help you with the bag.
Woman: Thank you. It's very kind of you.
Man: Do you want to take a taxi or the bus?
Woman: A taxi will be OK with me.
Man: But, getting a taxi at this time may be difficult.
Woman: No problem, I'll wait.
What does the man offer to do for the woman?
Girl: Excuse me. May I see Mr. Kusuma?
Man: I am so sorry. He has just left this room. What can I do for you?
Girl: Just tell him that I have left my assignment on his desk.
Man: Sure. I will inform him of it.
Girl: Thank you.
Man: You're welcome.

Where does the dialogue probably take place?
Alan: Hi, Jon. Do you fancy playing chess?
Joni: Oh, no thanks, I don't really feel like playing chess. How about going out instead.
Alan: it sounds good. Do you like eating at the Padang Restaurant?
Joni: I really do not like it. How about going to the theatre?
Alan: I love it. There is a new movie.
Joni: Well I really keen on it. Let's go.

"Well I really keen on it. Let's go." What does this sentence mean?
Fery: Why are you sleepy in the class?
Ina: Do I look sleepy? I'm not sleepy, but I have painful stomachache.
Fery: ____ accompany you to visit the doctor?
Ina: No, thanks.
Man: have you done your slides for the presentation?
Woman: I still need to make a few more slides.
man: Can I give you a hand?
Woman: Sure. Please correct my work and underline the incorrect words.
Man: Sure. Let me do that for you.

What is the woman probably doing?
Woman: Have you had a job before?
Man: Yes, but in small printing company
Woman: Why do you want to work here?
Man: I want to get a better salary
What is the dialogue about?