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Contoh percakapan & dialog ekpresi agreement and disagreement (setuju dan tidak setuju) bahasa Inggris

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris tentang setuju dan tidak setuju dalam bahasa Inggris?

Berikut adalah contoh percakapan dan dialog bertemakan agreement and disagreement:

  • Yoga : So, class. Now we are going to deliberate our concern about where we are going to head for our class vacation. So, who comes up with the idea first?
  • Habibi : I will vote for Anyer Beach. Anyer Beach is one of the nearest beaches we can visit.
  • Yoga : So, class. Is there anyone who disagrees with Anyer Beach?
  • Jenny : Um, I am not sure about that. Last vacation our class had gone to Anyer Beach. I think we should see other options.
  • Habibi : Oh yeah! You’re right, I forgot about that.
  • Jefri : Well, I’m suggesting Kebun Raya Bogor
  • Kania : I agree with you, Jefri. I have never been there myself.
  • Geri : Me too, I am with you, Kania. Seeing great trees and plants must be exciting. Kebun Raya Bogor is like a great jungle in the middle of town.
  • Sarah : I’m sorry guys. I think I will disagree with that. It’s rainy season now. And as you know, Kebun Raya Bogor is located in Bogor which is the city of rain. And seeing the intensity of rainfall throughout Indonesia lately, I think we might not be able to explore the whole Kebun Raya Bogor due to the rain.
  • Tio : I think what Sarah said is right. Kebun Raya Bogor is not the best place to visit during this heavy rainy season
  • Yoga : Well, are there any other options?
  • Fauzi : How about Bali?
  • Habibi : No way! I don’t have enough money to go to Bali
  • Sarah : Habibi is right, Fauzi. It’s really costly to pick Bali as an option.
  • Yoga : Okay, class. To save the time, now let’s just write your idea into a piece of paper and we will deliberate in the next occasion. Thank you.

Vocabularies Expression of Agreement and Disagreement

  • Adj. = adjective / kata sifat
  • v. = verb/ kata kerja
  • n. = noun / kata benda
  • advrb. = adverb / keterangan
  • deliberate = bermusyawarah v.
  • Concern = perhatian, masalah, urusan n.
  • head = menuju v.
  • Vacation = liburan n.
  • come up = muncul v.
  • vote for = memberi suara v.
  • disagree = tidak setuju v.
  • Option = pilihan n.
  • suggest = menyarankan v.
  • Exciting = menyenangkan adj.
  • Jungle = hutan n.
  • In the middle of = di tengah advrb.
  • Intensity = intensitas n.
  • Lately = belakangan ini advrb.
  • Explore = menjelajahi v.
  • Costly = mahal adj.
  • pick = memilih v.

Basic Sentences Expression of Agreement and Disagreement

Ungkapan Setuju

  • I agree = saya setuju
  • I agree with you = saya setuju dengan Anda
  • I couldn’t agree with you more = saya sangat setuju dengan Anda
  • That’s so sure = Benar sekali
  • Abesolutely! = Benar sekali!
  • You’re absolutely right! = Anda benar sekali!
  • That’s exactly what I think = Hal itu tepat seperti yang saya pikirkan
  • Exactly! = Tepat sekali!
  • I’m afraid I agree with him = Saya rasa saya setuju dengan dia
  • I have to side with you on this one = Saya harus berpihak pada Anda untuk yang satu ini
  • No doubt about it = Tidak ada keraguan mengenai hal itu
  • Tell me about it! (Bahasa Slang, bermakna setuju)
  • I guess so, I suppose so = Saya kira begitu (Setuju tapi tidak terlalu yakin)
  • I was going to say that = Saya tadi ingin bilang begitu
  • I am with you = Saya sependapat dengan Anda

Ungkapan tidak setuju

  • I don’t think so = Saya rasa tidak…
  • No way! = Tidak setuju! (Ungkapan tidak setuju yang kuat)
  • I’m afraid I disagree with that = Saya rasa saya tidak setuju dengan hal itu
  • I totally disagree = Saya sangat tidak setuju
  • I beg to differ = Saya ingin berpendapat berbeda
  • I’d say the exact opposite = Saya ingin berpendapat sebaliknya (Ungkapan tidak setuju yang kuat)
  • That’s not always true = Itu tak selalu benar
  • Not necessarily = Itu tidak penting
  • That’s not always the case = itu bukan selalu masalahnya
  • No, I’m not sure about that = Tidak, saya tidak yakin dengan hal itu