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Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris tentang bisnis melalui telepon

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Pada kesempatan kali ini, saya ingin memberikan contoh percakapan Bahasa Inggris melalui telepon tentang bisnis. Ketika melakukan percakapan, ada 2 hal yang tidak dapat dipisahkan, yakni grammar dan tenses. Kedua hal tersebut dilperlukan dalam bisnis supaya lawan bicara mengerti maksud dari tujuan kita ketika melakukan percakapan, dan agar tidak terjadi kesalahpahaman.

Dengan melakukan percakapan menggunakan Bahasa Inggris, kalian dapat melatih kemampuan speaking. Berikut ini adalah contoh percakapan Bahasa Inggris melalui telepon tentang bisnis.

Contoh 1

Lee: Thank you for calling ABC Company, Lee speaking. How can I help you?
Lisa: Hello, this is Lisa. May I speak with Mr. Budi, please?
Lee: Please wait, I will check.
Lisa: Yeah, sure.
Lee: Mr. Budi is here.
Lisa: Hello Mr. Budi, I’m Lisa. I am the new client and I will make a business appointment with you. Well, do you have any time, Mr. Budi?
Budi: Yeah, sure. Tomorrow after lunch at 2 PM. Are you okay with it?
Lisa: Yeah, sure. Where should we meet, Mr. Budi?
Budi: Let’s meet at the coffee shop in my company. Do you know that place?
Lisa: Yes, I know that place.
Budi: Alright, see you there tomorrow.
Lisa: Thank you Mr. Budi. See you there tomorrow.
Budi: You are welcome.

Artinya dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Lee: Terima kasih telah menelepon PT ABC, dengan Lee berbicara. Ada yang bisa saya bantu?
Lisa: Halo, ini Lisa. Bisakah saya berbicara bersama Pak Budi?
Lee: Tolong tunggu, saya akan mengeceknya.
Lisa: Ya, tentu.
Lee: Pak Budi ada di sini.
Lisa: Halo Pak Budi, ini saya Lisa. Saya adalah klien baru dan saya akan membuat janji bisnis dengan anda. Apakah anda punya waktu, Pak Budi?
Budi: Ya, tentu. Besok setelah makan siang jam 2. Apakah anda baik-baik saja dengan itu?
Lisa: Ya, tentu. Di mana kita akan bertemu, Pak Budi?
Budi: Mari kita bertemu di kedai kopi di perusahaan saya. Apakah kamu tahu tempat itu?
Lisa: Ya, saya tahu tempat itu.
Budi: Baiklah, sampai ketemu besok.
Lisa: Terima kasih Pak Budi. Sampai jumpa di sana besok.
Budi: Sama-sama.


Contoh 2

Hanna: Hello, is this XYZ Company?
Kim: Yes, Kim speaking.
Hanna: I’m Hanna from ABC Company. May I speak with Mrs. Ani from the Accounting Department?
Kim: Hold on, let me check it for you.
Hanna: Okay, I’ll wait.
Kim: Sorry, she’s already left.
Hanna: Oh, what a pity. Could you call her right now to urgently call me back?
Kim: Alright, I will call it for you.
Hanna: Thank you very much.
Kim: You are welcome.

Artinya dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Hanna: Halo, apakah ini PT XYZ?
Kim: Ya, dengan Kim berbicara.
Hanna: Saya Hanna dari PT ABC. Bolehkah saya berbicara dengan Ny. Ani dari Departemen Akuntansi?
Kim: Tunggu, izinkan saya mengeceknya.
Hanna: Oke, saya akan menunggu.
Kim: Maaf, dia sudah pulang.
Hanna: Oh, sayang sekali. Bisakah anda meneleponnya sekarang juga untuk segera menelepon saya kembali?
Kim: Baiklah, saya akan meneleponnya untuk anda.
Hanna: Terima kasih banyak.
Kim: Sama-sama.

Itulah dua contoh percakapan Bahasa Inggris melalui telepon tentang bisnis. Semoga kedua contoh ini dapat diterapkan bagi kalian yang ingin melakukan percakapan bisnis menggunakan Bahasa Inggris.

Latihan soal conversations

Man: Hot today, isn’t?
Woman: Yes, it is. I wish that it would rain and cool off.
Man: Me too. This is unusual for March. I don’t remember it ever being so hot and dry in March before.
According to the conversation, what kind of weather is usual for March?
Man: Hi Tina, you look so busy. What are you doing?
Woman: I’m finishing the report on my research.
Man: What research is that?
Woman: I didn’t research about the cause of heart attacks. I did it as my assignment in order to get a scholarship.
Why is the girl busy?
Man: An oil and gas company is carrying out a science competition to support its effort to provide means of educating the nation’s youth.
Woman: Are all students allowed to take part in the competition?
Man: Oh yes. College students from all the country’s provinces.
What is the topic of the dialog?
Man: How long have you been out of the country?
Woman: Two weeks and it was amazing.
Man: Where did you go?
Woman: Finland for a week, Scotland for four days and the rest I spent in England.
How long was the woman out of the country?
Woman: Would you like me to help you with your project?
Man: Sure. Would you help me design the cover?
Woman: Of course. I like designing very much.
Man: OK. It should be simple but impressive. I know you are skillful at it.
Woman: No problem. I will have it done soon.
Man: I'm lucky to have a friend like you.
Woman: I am glad to help you.
Man: Thanks a lot. You are very kind.
Woman: Don't mention it.
What is the woman doing?
Man: Did you have a nice flight, ma'am?
Woman: Yes, but a little turbulence.
Man: Let me help you with the bag.
Woman: Thank you. It's very kind of you.
Man: Do you want to take a taxi or the bus?
Woman: A taxi will be OK with me.
Man: But, getting a taxi at this time may be difficult.
Woman: No problem, I'll wait.
What does the man offer to do for the woman?
Man: I don’t know what to order. I could drink everything on the menu.
Woman: Why don’t you try guava juice, orange juice or ice tea?
Man: Guava juice sounds good. I’ll take it.
Woman: I think I’ll have a big glass of cola float.
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Woman: Have you had a job before?
Man: Yes, but in small printing company
Woman: Why do you want to work here?
Man: I want to get a better salary
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Rony: Would you like to go to camping with us next Saturday?
Rudy: ____ but I have to take care of my father. He has been hospitalized for three days.
Man: You look very happy. Is it good news?
Woman: Yeah… Guess what? I passed the SNMPTN.
Man: Oh really? That’s awesome! What faculty?
Woman: Medical faculty of Indonesian University.
Man: Wow! Marvelous. You’re going to study to become a doctor. You’ve deserve it, because you’ve been working hard.
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