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Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris "melapor polisi karena dompet dicopet"

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Berikut ini contoh dialog bahasa Inggris di suatu kantor polisi mengenai kasus pencurian dompet.

Tina: Excuse me, Sir. I want to report that my wallet has been stolen. (Permisi, Pak. Saya ingin melaporkan bahwa dompet saya dicuri/dicopet.)

Police Officer: I'm sorry to hear that. You could make a report statement. but first of all, I need to see your identity card or passport, please? (Saya turut prihatin mendengarnya. Anda dapat membuat surat pernyataan (berita acara) telah terjadi pencopetan. Akan tetapi pertama-tama saya perlu melihat kartu identitas atau paspor Anda.)

Tina: Oh, sure. Here is my passport. (Oh, tentu saja. Ini paspor saya.)

Police Officer: So, Ma'am, I would like to ask few question for investigation matter. Do you mind? (Baiklah. Saya ingin menanyakan beberapa pertanyaan untuk kepentingan pemeriksaan. Apakah Anda keberatan?). What is been taken? (Apa yang dicopet?)

Tina: I don't mind. My wallet has been stolen few hours ago. (Saya tidak keberatan. Dompet saya telah dicopet beberapa waktu yang lalu.)

Police Officer: Where did it happen? (Di mana kejadiannya?)

Tina: In front of Antariksa City, Orchard Road. (Di depan Antariksa City di jalan Orchard.)

Police Officer: What time did it happen? (Kapan/jam berapa terjadinya?)

Tina: After lunch, at 1 p.m (Sehabis makan siang, pukul 1 siang.)

Police Officer: Were there any witnesses? (Apakah ada saksinya?)

Tina: Yes, there was my friend, Miss Marianne, whom stood beside me at that time. (Ya, ada teman saya, Saudari Marianne, yang pada waktu itu berdiri di sebelah saya.)

Police Officer: Would Miss Marianne act as robbery witness? (Apakah Saudari Marianne bersedia menjadi saksi pencopetan tersebut?)

Marriane: yes, I would. (Ya, saya bersedia.)

Police Officer: Could you sign here, please. (Bisakah Anda tanda tangan di sebelah sini.)

Marianne: Yes, please. (Ya, tentu.)

Police Officer: Miss Tina, please sign here for approving this statement. (Saudari Tina, tolong Anda tanda tangan di sini untuk menyetujui surat pernyataan ini.)

Tina: Yes, of course. Thank you very much. (Ya, tentu saja. Terima kasih banyak.)

Latihan soal conversations

Man: An oil and gas company is carrying out a science competition to support its effort to provide means of educating the nation’s youth.
Woman: Are all students allowed to take part in the competition?
Man: Oh yes. College students from all the country’s provinces.
What is the topic of the dialog?
Woman: Have you had a job before?
Man: Yes, but in small printing company
Woman: Why do you want to work here?
Man: I want to get a better salary
What is the dialogue about?
Zean: Why don't we go skiing on saturday?
Bony: ____ Where do you want to go?
Man: How long have you been out of the country?
Woman: Two weeks and it was amazing.
Man: Where did you go?
Woman: Finland for a week, Scotland for four days and the rest I spent in England.
How long was the woman out of the country?
Girl: Excuse me. May I see Mr. Kusuma?
Man: I am so sorry. He has just left this room. What can I do for you?
Girl: Just tell him that I have left my assignment on his desk.
Man: Sure. I will inform him of it.
Girl: Thank you.
Man: You're welcome.

Where does the dialogue probably take place?
X: Do you know that Mr. Ronald was promoted to be the manager of this company last week?
Y: really? I'm glad to hear that. He ____ in this company for four years.
Man: Hi Ira, congratulations on your promotion. It’s nice to know that you’ll be the new branch manager of this Bank. When are you going to Samarinda?
Woman: Reyhan, what a good friend you are. Thank you very much for your support and supposed to go to Samarinda before November 15 this year.
Man: Good luck then.
Why did the man congratulate the woman?
Bryan: Good morning, Sir. What do you bring in your car?
Mr. Jo: Good morning, Bryan. I bring my books for my daughter.
bryan: Do you want me to help you bring those books, Sir?
Mr. Jo: Sure, thank you very much. Put it on the table in my room.

The underlined sentence shows expression ____
Ani: Why are you not choosing English as your study program?
Jeny: I think English is very difficult. It is a lot of practise only on speaking skill.
Ani: ____ it's a lot of practise on writing, listening, also reading.
Woman: What do you think of my appearance. Do I look okay?
Man: Well, yes but it will be more elegant if you wear a long black dress.
Woman: Alright.
What is the dialogue about?