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Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris "keindahan candi Borobudur dan budaya Indonesia"

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan atau dialog bahasa Inggris tentang "keindahan candi Borobudur dan budaya Indonesia"?

Pada suatu hari, Anita bertemu seorang turis di Candi Borobudur dan mereka pun berbincang menggunakan bahasa Inggris mengenai keindahan candi Borobudur dan kebudayaan Indonesia. Seperti apa perbincangannya? Berikut ini dialognya.

One day at Borobudur Temple

Anita : Excuse me, Sir. Can I take a photo of you?

Tourist : Huh? Oh, of course.

Anita : [after taking the photo] Thank you, Sir.

Tourist : It’s nothing.

Anita : Um… by the way, are you here alone, Sir?

Tourist : No, actually I came here with my wife.

Anita : Where is she, Sir?

Tourist : I think she is taking some photos around this Borobudur temple.

Anita : Where do you come from, Sir?

Tourist : I come from America, it’s California, USA.

Anita : Wow. What brings you here, Sir?

Tourist : Um… well, I heard from my friends that Indonesia has great and amazing temple relics. Opportunely, I am an anthropology teacher and I really like ancient things. Actually I have seen many ancient relics from around the world, and now it’s my turn to visit Indonesia.

Anita : Do you like this Borobudur temple, Sir?

Tourist : This temple is awesome! Every relief and sculpture I see on every part of the temple is remarkable. This is one of the greatest cultural and historical inheritances that Indonesian people have to maintain.

Anita : Yes, Sir. I feel proud you’re saying so. Do you know about other Indonesian cultures, Sir?

Tourist : Of course, I know many cultures from every place in the world. Actually, I have been studying about Indonesian cultures lately.

Anita : Really, Sir? What do you think about my people’s cultures?

Tourist : Indonesian cultures are completely unique and interesting. According to my knowledge, Indonesian tribes and ethnics consist of over than one thousand tribes and every tribe has its own cultures and customs. Indonesian cultures were formed and influenced by multitude of religions, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, even animism, and dynamism. Western cultures also take part in Indonesian cultures, especially in science, technology, and modern entertainments. I also read that Indonesia has a few of indigenous tribes such as Dayak, Asmat, Mentawai, Toraja, ect. Indigenous tribes generally isolate themselves from outside world since they want to keep maintaining their pure cultures and customs.

Anita : Wow, you know much about Indonesian cultures, Sir.

Tourist : Yes, but not really much, I’m still studying them.

Anita : Have you visited every region in Indonesia, Sir?

Tourist : Yes, I have visited several cities in West Sumatera, Medan, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and NTT. I studied about the cultures from each of those places, like the foods, arts, and customs.

Anita : So, are you happy visiting Indonesia, Sir?

Tourist : Of course, I’m really happy visiting Indonesia. I think I will stay a little longer to know more about this remarkable country.

Anita : That would be great, Sir.


  • Precious: berharga
  • Culture: kebudayaan, budaya
  • Relic: pusaka peninggalan
  • Opportunely: kebetulan
  • Anthrophology: antropologi
  • Ancient things: benda-benda kuno
  • Awesome: luar biasa, hebat
  • Relief: relif
  • Sculpture: pahatan, ukiran patung
  • Remarkable: luar biasa, dahsyat
  • Cultural dan historical inheritance: peninggalan budaya dan historis
  • Maintain: menjaga, memelihara
  • Unique: unik
  • Interesting: menarik
  • According to my knowledge: menurut pengetahuan saya
  • Tribes and ethnics: suku dan etnis
  • Consist of: terdiri atas
  • Custom: adat istiadat
  • (were) formed and influenced: dibentuk dan dipengaruhi
  • Multitude of religions: banyak/beragam macam agama
  • Western cultures: kebudayaan barat
  • Take part in: ikut serta dalam
  • Especially: terutama
  • Indigenous tribe: suku pribumi/asli
  • Isolate: mengisolasi, menjauhkan diri