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Contoh penggunaan modals pada kalimat expressing necessity (kewajiban)

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Mengekspresikan kewajiban atau keharusan (expressing necessity) bisa menggunakan modals: must, need to, have to, dan have got to. Must cenderung digunakan pada situasi formal dan mengindikasikan bahwa sesuatu benar-benar wajib dilakukan. Sedangkan have dan have got to lebih sering digunakan pada situasi informal.


  1. All motorists must put on their seatbelt. (Semua pengendara mobil harus memakai sabuk pengaman)
  2. I have to go to a meeting at 12 o'clock. (Aku hams menghadiri rapat jam 12 nanti)
  3. You have got to always tell the truth, no matter how bitter it is. (Kamu harus selalu berbicara jujur, tidak peduli betapa pahitnya itu)
  4. We need to talk. There's something I want to say to you. (Kita harus bicara. Ada suatu hal yang ingin aku sampaikan padamu.)

Latihan soal modals

Why did you stay at hotel in Jakarta? You ..... stayed with your uncle.
You can borrow my new dress, but you ____ get it dirty.
You ____ called me first before you came, so I could prepare some foods.
You ____ smoke inside the school.
When the car broke down I was really pleased because I ____ solve the problem.
Linda: “Mom, there is a good movie on the 21 cinema. ____?”
Mother: “Yes, but don’t be late for for dinner, Ok?”
Linda: “Sure, Mom. Thanks.”
He ..... his homework by the time the teacher come to the class.
“You are really a speed driver.”
”See, when I was young, I ____ 240 miles per hour on the high way.”
He is coughing all the time. He ..... coughing tablets.
A : Why didn’t he say hello when he passed us on street?
B : He ..... been day dreaming.