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Contoh noun clause dengan awalan 'if' dan 'whether'

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Umumnya, if atau whether digunakan untuk kalimat jawaban dari pertanyaan yes/no question.

Contoh penggunaan if:

  1. I wonder if Alana lives in North Sumatera. (Saya fikir Alana tinggal di Sumatera Utara)
  2. I don’t know if Alfio likes apple pie or not. (Saya tidak tahu Alfio suka pai apel atau tidak)
  3. I am not sure whether or not she lives on Pejagan Street. (Saya tidak yakin apakah dia tinggal di Jalan Pejagann atau tidak)
  4. She wanted to know whether he studied in President University. (Dia ingin tahu apakah dia belajar di President University)
  5. My friend wants to know whether you watched the concert or not. (Temanku ingin tahu apakah kamu menonton konser atau tidak)


Yang ditulis tebal adalah noun clause.

Latihan soal nouns

My father raises a lot of ____.
How did you learn to drive an automobile in a month?
The fear of vulnerability can be described as a fear of showing your authentic self.
Some people put butter in their coffee.
Smog, a serious problem in many big cities, effects everybody differently.
____ are good for children.
Rinaevi has ____.
There were two dead ____ in my soup!
I wonder how to climb trees without ____
The site offers interesting vocabulary ____.