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Contoh kalimat menggunakan linking verbs 'smell, taste, feel, look, appear, sound, seem'

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Linking verbs: smell (baunya), taste (rasanya), feel (merasa), look (nampak/kelihatannya), appear (nampak/kelihatannya), sound (kedengarannya),dan seem (nampaknya) menunjukkan suatu keadaan/kondisi subjek berdasarkan persepsi indrawi si pembicara.

Linking verbs ini diikuti bentuk kata sifat (adjective), bukan kata keterangan (adverb).

  • Kadita looks beautiful. (Bukan: Kadita looks beautifully)
  • The food tastes delicious.
  • The fish smell bad.
  • Prabu seems fine.
  • Your idea sounds interesting.
  • He appears very angry today.
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Latihan soal linking verbs

Rina ____ very happy last night.
Mr. Rusi eats a lot and works a little.
One of Susi’s cats has just died.
I wish he were here.
This ripe green apple tastes sweet and juicy.
He was one of the best participants in the group.
Do you feel uneasy around him?
The girls look so much better without makeup.
Roni is on the mountain. He is wearing athick cloth. He feels ____.
Father is going to bed eartly. He seems ____.