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Contoh kalimat menggunakan linking verbs 'smell, taste, feel, look, appear, sound, seem'

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Linking verbs: smell (baunya), taste (rasanya), feel (merasa), look (nampak/kelihatannya), appear (nampak/kelihatannya), sound (kedengarannya),dan seem (nampaknya) menunjukkan suatu keadaan/kondisi subjek berdasarkan persepsi indrawi si pembicara.

Linking verbs ini diikuti bentuk kata sifat (adjective), bukan kata keterangan (adverb).

  • Kadita looks beautiful. (Bukan: Kadita looks beautifully)
  • The food tastes delicious.
  • The fish smell bad.
  • Prabu seems fine.
  • Your idea sounds interesting.
  • He appears very angry today.
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Latihan soal linking verbs

The children seem very ____. They are all working hard.
Roni is on the mountain. He is wearing athick cloth. He feels ____.
One of Susi’s cats has just died.
Hadi passed the exam. He looked ____.
That boy won the game. He seemed ____.
The beggar wants a drink. She looks ____.
Mr. Rusi eats a lot and works a little.
Father is going to bed eartly. He seems ____.
Rina ____ very happy last night.
The driver bumped his car into a tree. He appeared ____.